IWS PRO Elbow (25mm)

IWS PRO Elbow (25mm)

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IWS PRO Elbow BSP 25mm

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IWS PRO Washer 25mm

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IWS PRO Nut 25mm

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Create a 90 degree bend in your irrigation system, use our IWS Pro Elbows. They’re the one used in IWS PRO Flood and Drain Systems.

You won’t get any leakselbows are barbed!

You slot them onto the end of a run of 25mm piping to connect it to any hard surface. To use it, you’ll also need 2 x IWS PRO Washer and 1 x IWS PRO Nut.

It’s just what you need to connect your piping to a Tank, Tray, Standard RhizoStand, XL RhizoStand or any hard surface..

25mm Elbow
• For creating a 90 degree bend
No leaks! It’s barbed
• Connects 25mm pipeline to a hard surface (e.g. Tanks, Trays, RhizoStands)
Supplied with IWS Pro Flood & Drain Systems

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