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Nipples (4mm)

Nipples (4mm)

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Standard Nipple 4mm

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High Flow Nipple 5mm

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Goof Plug 4mm (x10)

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Hole Punch

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Build a custom drip system with 4mm Nipples, Goof Plugs and a Hole Punch.

In a low pressure drip system where flow rate is unrestricted, they’re ideal.

The nipple you choose determines your flow rate. Buy a Standard Nipple (2mm internal diameter) or for a faster flow, choose a High Flow Nipple (3mm internal diameter).

You can use either nipple alongside 4mm irrigation fittings, hard delivery pipe and most of our drippers.

• Hole punch to create holes
• 4mm nipples for attaching to 4mm irrigation fittings
• Goof plugs (x 10) for repairing up unwanted holes or use as end stops
• Internal diameter: 2mm (standard), 3mm (high flow)

You can use 4mm nipples with:
• Low Pressure Drip Stake
• Blue Fast flow Drip Stake
• 360 Degree Adjustable Drip Stake
• Delivery Pipe (Hard)

Q & A

Questions and Answers (3)

Hello. A question about the 4mm standard nipple and hole punch. Can you insert the 4mm nipple into 13mm LDPE pipe, or is LDPE too hard to puncture and only flexi-pipe can be used to insert delivery pipes like this? Thanks for your help.
We would only recommend using these nipples with the LDPE pipe, the Flexi-Pipe will not provide a water tight seal when used with nipples.

Written by R | 7 May 2014

Could you use these to make a dripper ring with 4mm line?
We'd recommend using 13mm flexi pipe & a tee piece for the drip ring, you can use the nipples in this piping.

Written by steve | 30 Sep 2013

which way round does the nipple go? Large cone shaped end into the (13mm) supply pipe. Or the cone shape into the 4mm pipe?
The Cone part of the nipple goes into the 13mm pipe.

Written by k | 18 Mar 2013