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Biobizz Light Mix Soil

Biobizz Light Mix Soil

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Biobizz Light-Mix Soil - 20 Litres

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100% organic potting soil specifically formulated for cuttings and seedlings.

• Small amount of nutrient content kick-starts root development and general growth
• Very good drainage capabilities
• Can be utilised over the entire course of a crop if desired

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Biobizz light mix question, when do i stary adding nutrients for an outdoor grow and how do i prepare the soil for a seed to go in to
The BioBizz Light mix has enough nutrient content for around 3-4 weeks growth. We would advise starting the seeds in either Fleximix Root Riot Cubes, or Jiffy Porpagation plugs. Once the roots emerge from the propagation cube, it should be placed into a Propagation Rhizopot filled with the BioBizz Light Mix Soil. Once roots emerge from the Propagation Rhizopot, it can be transplanted into it's final pot.

Written by RD | 12 Aug 2016

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