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Biobizz All-Mix Soil

Biobizz All-Mix Soil

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Biobizz All-Mix - 20 Litres

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Biobizz All-Mix - 50 Litres

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Unlike anything that you would find in a garden centre, the 100% organic Biobizz All-Mix is a specialist soil-based growing medium with a long-standing reputation for producing excellent results.

• Effective blend of soil, compost, worm castings and perlite
• Includes a special ‘pre-mix’ of biologically active organic ingredients
• Use throughout veg growth and flowering alongside BioBizz Nutrients

Q & A

Questions and Answers (5)

Should I use ph down with this soil and if not ?
We would not advise using pH adjustment chemicals in soil, as the soil acts as a natural buffer, & pH up or down will kill any beneficial bacteria in the rootzone.

Written by DG | 3 Jun 2013

Hi. can i use bio bizz all mix soil to germinate seeds.. many thnx
I would recommend using either Fleximix Root Riot Cubes, or Jiffy Plugs to start the seeds off, then transplant into Bio-Bizz All Mix.

Written by NS | 28 Jan 2013

hi can this be used for seedlings ?
The Bio-Bizz All Mix can be used right from the start. It has enough nutrient content for the first 4 weeks of growth.

Written by AP | 28 May 2012

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