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24 Hour Optimum Segment Timer

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24 Hour Optimum Segment Timer


Control on and off times for a great price - grab a 24 Hour Optimum Timer. They're amazing value!

It's a reliable, mechanical timer that lets you control on/off times in 15 minute segments. 


  • 24 hour mechanical timer
  • 15 minute segments
  • Easy to use
  • Must be used with a contactor when used with grow lights


You can use it with pumps, heaters, lights - even intake & oscillating fans!

It's easy to use, reliable and built to last. Buy one of these and it won't let you down - just don't forget to use it with a contactor if buying for grow lights. No wonder it's rated 5 stars!

Unless you want to be in and out of your grow room every time your lights need turning on and off, a timer is an absolute necessity. Grasslin Timers represent the best that money can buy and are definitely a worthwhile investment for every grower. Make sure that you protect your timer with a contactor if you intend to control HID grow lights. Getting your grow room timer to switch on an appliance for the right time and duration couldn't be easier! Just do the following: 1.) Ensure that the timer is in the manual override mode and that the arrow points to the correct time. 2.) Select the "on" period(s) by pushing up the relevant 15-minute time segments on the dial.

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