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Bluelab PeriPods M3

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From £799.99

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Get up to 3 x auto-dosing pumps for your pH & nutrients per Bluelab M3 PeriPod.

You can expand up to 12 pumps (1 for pH down, 11 for nutrient parts) - simply daisy chain up to 3 x M3 PeriPods together.

Connect to a Bluelab Pro Controller to auto-dose in increments of 0.1EC & 0.1pH, with complex week-by-week feeding schedules.

  • 120ml/min pump flow rate
  • 3 x peristaltic pumps per M3 PeriPod
  • Expandable up to 12 pumps in total - daisy chain up to 3 x M3 PeriPods together 
  • Separate pH & nutrient tubing provided
  • Doser can be positioned lower than the injection point
  • Replaceable peristaltic pumps and tubing
  • Rugged wall-mounted design for long-lasting efficiency

pH tubing

  • 4 metres of tubing for dosing pH adjuster solution
  • High-strength acid-/alkaline-resistant tubing for safe dosing of pH up or down

Nutrient tubing

  • 2 x 4 metres of food-grade tubing for dosing nutrient stock solution
  • Opaque nutrient tubing to prevent algae growth

Medical grade peristaltic pumps

The peristaltic pumps are medical grade, allowing you to gain minute control of your dosing. Using these pumps with a Bluelab Pro Controller, you are able to accurately and consistently dose in increments of 0.1pH & 0.1EC. 

For long-lasting accuracy, your M3 PeriPod’s pump tubes and cassettes are replaceable.

Complex week-by-week feeding schedules

You can set week by week dose rates for each nutrient & booster via the Bluelab Connect software. To achieve this, your Bluelab Pro Controller calculates the percentage of each nutrient needed per dose. 

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