Accuread Temperature & Humidity Meter

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Accuread Temperature & Humidity Meter

Target temperature: 24oC - 28oC (day/lights on) or 22oC - 23oC (night/lights off)
Target humidity:  70 – 85% (propagation), 65 – 75% (vegging) or 45 – 65% (flowering)

Don’t let your climate hurt your yields – get complete control with the 2-in-1 Accuread Temperature & Humidity Meter.

It’s easy to use, cheap to buy & super precisewhat every grower needs.

For accuracy, you get two separate temperature readings, one from the probe (out) one from the unit itself (in).

To help you keep your climate constant, you can check what your highest & lowest readings were since your last reset. If there are ever any extreme fluctuations, you’ll know all about them.

The digital display’s easy to read. Use it once and you’ll never go back.

• Monitors temperature (thermometer) & humidity (hygrometer)
Super accurate - gives 2 temperature readings
Prevent climate extremes: records highest & lowest readings since last reset
Easy to read digital display
Low cost, big impact
Super precise – you’ll wonder how you got on without it

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