BAY6 600 Watt Lighting Systems

BAY6 600 Watt Lighting Systems

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600 Watt BAY6 Euro Light System

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600 Watt PK Optomiser BAY6 Light System

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600 Watt Silver Parabolic BAY6 Light System

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600 Watt Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer BAY6 Light System

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600 Watt Adjust-A-Wings Defender BAY6 Light System

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600 Watt Adjust-A-Wings Avenger BAY6 Light System

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Growing on a budget? Try a best-selling BAY6 bundle. They’re low cost but high qualitygreat value for money!

You’ll get a dual spectrum 600W BAY6 lamp + BAY6 magnetic ballast + your choice of reflectors.

Together, they make a complete 600W lighting system for you to use in the vegetative and flowering stages. Your magnetic ballast is safe, reliable and runs silently. Simply choose your reflector and you’re ready to grow.

Don’t be fooled by their modest price, these lighting systems are fantastic! The ballast and lamp combination generates a true, constant, 600W light output, without fluctuations, unlike inferior lighting systems.

Each system comes with a 2m mains cable and a 1 year ballast warranty!

• Bundle! 600W grow lamp + magnetic ballast + choice of reflectors
Dual spectrum lamp (blue and red light)
• For vegetative and flowering stages
True, constant 600W output at the lamp
1 year ballast warranty included
2m mains cable supplied
• Great quality for a low cost
Ballast is tough and durable (quality parts and a powder-coated metal case).
• Runs silently

Choose your Reflector

There are 6 options available. For more information on each, see ‘The Tech’

BAY6 Euro Reflector
Adjust-A-Wings Avenger
Adjust-A-Wings Enforcer
Prima Klima Optomiser
Silver Parabolic

We recommend

For even better results, upgrade to an Exolux Pro 600 Watt Lighting SystemIt comes with a Grolux lamp and an Exolux Digital Ballast.  

Armed with one of these, you'll use a lot less energy, get a higher light output and more accurate colour rendering.

Better yet, ballasts are dimmable! Rather than buying a new lamp, you can change your intensity by dimming (or boosting!) your output. They also emit less heat, so the cost of cooling your grow room is less.

On top of this, it'll cost 3 - 4% less to run each ballast. The amount you save in energy alone justifies the extra cost, and then there's the extra yield! Do the maths and you'll see it's really a no-brainer.

The Tech

BAY6 Dual Spectrum 600W Lamp

 Dual spectrum HPS lamps
 Digital and magnetic ballast compatible
Suitable for grow and bloom cycles
• Output: 90000 lumens
• Colour: 2100K
• Bulb: T46/E40

BAY6 Magnetic Ballast

• Electronic micro-controlled starter
• Thermal protection device fitted
• High efficiency
• Lightweight aluminium housing
• Power (W): 600W
• Input (V): 200 / 240V
• Amps (Run): 2.8 Amps
• Dimensions (L x W x D): 320 x 150 x 150mm
• Weight: 6.2kg

BAY6 Euro Reflector

Wing style reflection for an even light spread
• Highly polished, dimpled anodised aluminium
• Includes 2 hanging mounts

Adjust-a-Wing Avenger

98% reflective surface
• High grade, glass covered aluminium
• Next to NO wasted light
Increase your light spread by up to 75% (covers an area of 1.5m x 1.2m)
Variable light focus and intensity: for each growth stage
Flexible reflector wings: Get a wider coverage or narrower beam
Super-Spreader: Even light and heat distribution for uniform plant growth

Adjust-a-Wing Enforcer

• Alternative to the Adjust-a-Wing Avenger (Lower Cost)
• Approximately 86% reflection for at least 3 years
Medium grade aluminium
Increase your light spread by up to 75% and reduce heat
High quality, low price

Prima Klima Optomiser

95% reflective surface - up to 15% more reflected light than BAY6 Euro Reflector
Draws hot air away from lamp (integrated heat sink)

Silver Parabolic

Lamp hangs vertically for a super even spread of light
Ideal for single light grow rooms and grow tents
• Some assembly required


Very little light waste - uniform shape focuses almost all light to your plants
• Ideal for large, square areas the size of a XL BudBox
Prevents hot spots and reaches awkward areas (such as corners and outer)
• Uses 97% reflective European aluminium
Excellent heat dissipation (through an opening above the lamp holder)

Kit Contains


1 x Dual spectrum BAY6 lamp
1 x BAY6 magnetic ballast
1 x Choice of reflectors

How to Use

Each item in your bundle will come with instructions

1. Peel off any protective layers of film from your reflector.

2. Screw the grow lamp into the lamp holder

3. Suspend the reflector from your ceiling/grow tent roof
- We recommend using Exolux Ezi-Roll Hangers or Exolux Rope Ratchets

4. Connect the reflector lead to the corresponding ballast lead

5. Finally, plug the ballast into the contactor or heavy duty timer.
- Always use a contactor if controlling your system with a standard timer

To find out which contact and timer combination you’ll need, see our ‘Downloads’ tab.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (10)

Please can you tell me the weight of the ballast?
The 600W Proxima ballast weighs 6.5kg.

Written by CS | 29 Apr 2014

Do these bulbs output alot of heat? If so, what can be put in place to lower the temperature of the grow room?
HPS bulbs will generate heat as well as light, we would recommend using a Growell Extraction/Filtration kit to manage this.

Written by KD | 27 Oct 2013

Do i need to buy two if i want to grow 2 plants at a time or does one do the job?
The 600W Proxima system will cover an area of 1.2 square metres. If you want to grow 2 plants, I'd go with the 250W system, this will cover 75 square centimetres, & is enough for around 3 plants.

Written by ZC | 17 Oct 2013