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Oil-Filled Grow Room Radiators

Oil-Filled Grow Room Radiators

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1kW Oil-Filled Grow Room Radiator

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2.5kW Oil-Filled Grow Room Radiator

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Make a smart move and install one of our Oil-Filled Radiators to help maintain stable grow room temperatures throughout the cold, dark months of autumn and winter. In fact, there’s no guarantee that you won’t need the precious heat output from these units at times during the spring and summer too… so you might as well be prepared!

An Oil-Filled Radiator will produce the warmth required to keep your growing environment at the recommended 25oC during the day and 19oC over night, offering up an adjustable thermostat and three convenient operational settings to cope with the different demands. There’s even an in-built 24-hour timer on the larger unit and a cut-out function that stops each one from overheating, so you can automate on/off times and not have anything to worry about regarding safety. This all adds up to provide you with a very effective means of protecting plants from the shock caused by freezing conditions and large temperature swings.

The 800w Oil-Filled Radiator is perfect for grow spaces up to 2m x 2m in size, whilst the 2.5kW Oil-Filled Radiator suits larger areas up to 4m x 4m in size. You can safely use multiple radiators in bigger grow rooms and pleasingly neither of the available models suffer from issues relating to drying out like fan heaters sometimes do.

How to Use

To use an Oil-Filled Radiator as effectively as possible, place at the opposite end of the room to your air extraction equipment and combine it with a Accuread Temperature and Humidity Meter to constantly monitor the grow room temperature.

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