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Introduction to the GroWell Sheffield Hydroponic Greenhouse

Introduction to the GroWell Sheffield Hydroponic Greenhouse

Alex Grady

Get inspired and discover what can be achieved with the power of hydroponics and indoor gardening by taking a look inside the GroWell Sheffield Greenhouse! It's already looking pretty fantastic, and will only improve more and more as the months go on!

GroWell Sheffield is home to an amazing hydroponic greenhouse. Here we test new products and showcase active hydroponic systems.

Anyone that visits GroWell Sheffield is able to pop in and look around at the greenhouse, and more importantly ask our on site growing experts exactly how the systems work.

Let's see what's going on inside...

Sheffield GreenhouseSheffield Greenhouse

These courgette plants have been in this IWS Recirculating Deep Water Culture (RDWC) system for 2 weeks. Now that the roots are growing prolifically in the oxygenated reservoirs their growth rate is phenomenal. Check back soon for a progress update.

Sheffield GreenhouseSheffield Greenhouse

We have been testing out the new RUSH RWDC over the past 3 weeks. It is very impressive, especially in terms of the speed of the recirculation, the growth rate and the health of the plants. The 2 pictures above and below were taken 2 weeks apart - the tomato plants are now more than double the size and starting to set fruit... incredible stuff!

Sheffield GreenhouseSheffield Greenhouse

Along the entire length of the greenhouse we are running the RhizoSystem - a new run-to-waste drip irrigation system that not only delivers fresh nutrient solution to the top of the pot, but also collects and pumps away the run-off. More to come on this system in future posts.


Nutrient Film Technique is a firm favourite at GroWell - you grow in compact growing systems that are very easy to use. These Lettuce and Basil plants seem to be doing very well!


The humidifier really helps at this time of year, since when it gets hot in the greenhouse the humidity drops, much like in a grow room. Using a humidifier with a humidistat keeps the humidity where your plants need it, and stops the plants getting 'heat stressed'. For more info see our article on Humidity.

Sheffield GreenhouseSheffield Greenhouse

We'll be doing more posts directly from the GroWell Sheffield Greenhouse over the coming months - stay tuned!

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