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Bug-Eating Monkey Cups!

Bug-Eating Monkey Cups!

Alex Grady
The Sheffield greenhouse is full of surprises. One of them is the Monkey Cups we got our hands on.
Don't let their whimsical name fool you - these things are vicious carnivores! And they trap and kill annoying flying insects - like sciarid fly, fungus gnats. They don't monkey around (sorry, couldn't help it).
This means they're great for pest control.
To lure in bugs, Monkey Cups produce a sweet liquid that collects in the bottom of pitchers. Once in, their unsuspecting guests never leave...
Bug Eating Monkey CupsBug Eating Monkey Cups
Bug Eating Monkey CupsBug Eating Monkey Cups

Top Tips

They get most of their nutrition through catching insects, but it doesn't hurt to feed with a weak hydro nutrient -10CF (EC1.0).

Like other Nepenthes, this one likes a humid environment and low-medium light levels.
Where possible use Reverse Osmosis water, or clean rain water.
Use a peat based media and keep it moist at all times.

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