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Bring On The Trumpets!

Bring On The Trumpets!

Alex Grady

There's something loud and proud in our Sheffield greenhouse - two Brugmansia plants (aka. Angel's Trumpet).

They look pretty grand, and customers can't help but be drawn in by the beautiful and iconic flowers. Originating from South America, the particular variety on show is called ‘Triple White Metel’.

Both of the plants are huge now, growing in an NFT Gro-Tank 604 – just the right size for both of them.

The feed of choice is Vita Link Max Bloom, with nutrient solutions managed at a cF of 20 (EC of 2.0). Like all of the NFT systems at the GroWell Greenhouse, these are irrigated on a continuous low flow, 24/7.  

Thanks to their breeder and our long-standing customer, Neville, for these incredible Brugmansia plants. For a closer look at them, come and visit us at GroWell Sheffield.

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