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Why we LOVE Deep Water Culture!

Why we LOVE Deep Water Culture!

Alex Grady

Deep water culture (DWC) is a great method for growing plants hydroponically. Look at these roots!

Deep Water Culture is a firm favourite hydroponic growing technique with our growing experts! See how our Greenhouse plants are progressing in the IWS RDWC system.

Healthy roots = Healthy fruits.

Take a look at this healthy Courgette root system growing in an Oxy Pot RDWC System in our Greenhouse in Sheffield!

RDWC simply means the nutrient solution recirculates around, balancing out any changes in Temperature, pH and EC across the system. Recirculating systems like this also allow you to check and adjust the nutrient solution in one place rather than having to deal with multiple reservoirs.

Healthy Roots

The growth of our Greenhouse grown courgettes has been immense! All we are using is Shogun Hydro Grow and Shogun Silicon. Very impressed so far, pictures above show growth 2 weeks apart.



3 reasons why you need to try growing with DWC

1 - VERY easy to use!

Simply keep the reservoir topped up and check the pH and EC. There are no timers to worry about and no over-watering or under-watering issues, so very suitable for beginners!

2 - Extremely responsive!

The water is your growing medium, so any changes you make to the nutrient solution will be shown in the plant growth extremely quickly. This aspect of control makes DWC and RDWC very appealing to experienced growers!

3 - No growing media!

Well, other than the handful of clay pebbles in the net pot and the rockwool block you propagate your plants in. DWC is a very efficient a cost effective way to grow, not to mention less work compared to lugging around heavy bags of soil or coco!

If you're close to Sheffield, come by our shop and visit our Hydroponics Greenhouse to learn more first hand about Deep Water Culture, and other hydroponic growing techniques!

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