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Top 5 Tips for Transplanting

Top 5 Tips for Transplanting

Alex Grady

Time to transplant? Get plants off to a great start with these 5 quick tips.

Transplanting Tips

1) Transplant soon after roots become visible

Transplant too soon and you could stress plants out. Leave it too late and you could stress the plant or damage roots.

When roots start growing out the bottom of your propagating cubes or plugs, you know it’s time to transplant.

If growing small plants in pots, don’t allow them to become root bound! Pot on when there are plenty of roots at the bottom and around the edges. Better yet, use a RhizoPot to air-prune the roots and prevent root circling (see 4).

Transplanting Tips

2) Use Root Promoting Additives

When transplanting plants into larger pots, you want roots to fill the extra space they’ve now got.

Katana Roots or Canna Rhizotonic are good bets for hydro and coco growers.

For soil and coco growers, use Mykos and Ecothrive Charge for both short and long term root growth benefits!

Transplanting Tips

3) Use a weak nutrient

Your plants are still delicate - strong fertilisers will cripple your plants at this stage.

4ml of VitaLink Plant Start mixed with 1 litre of water and a drop of SuperThrive should do the trick.

Transplanting Tips

4) Pot on in soil & coco

If you put plants in a pot that’s too big for them:

  • Root race to the edge of pots & don't branch well
  • You have wasted space in your pot
  • The growing media stays too wet
  • Less water & fewer nutrient are absorbed (fewer root tips)
  • Root circling is more likely

When you get root circling, roots end up clustered around the edge of pots - here they're more vulnerable moisture and temperature changes.

You’re far better off transplanting into a smaller pot and waiting for roots to fill it before you pot on.

You need to move through 3 - 4 sizes (or just 2 with a RhizoPot).

With RhizoPots, roots can grow through the fabric if it’s wet! So you can transplant a propagation RhizoPot straight into a larger one for zero root disturbance!

Transplanting Tips

5) Create a stable environment

To reduce the stress of transplanting, keep your vegetative growing environment stable.

  • Temperature between 21oC and 26oC is good (optimum of 24oC)
  • Humidity between 65 and 75%
  • Continue using a propagation light until they’re established

For full step by step instructions on transplanting, read:

For full step by step instructions on transplanting, read:

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