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[BudBox Walkthrough] Grow like a PRO!

[BudBox Walkthrough] Grow like a PRO!

Alex Grady

For most people, tent means 'BudBox'. It's no wonder - the BudBox build is in a league of its own. And their Pro range is their best one yet! Here's why we love it...

All the tents BudBox has built are great, but they've got nothing on the BudBox Pro range!

Special Features

There's a lot to love!


The frame is solid!

  • Extra robust black powder-coated poles
  • Solid corners made from 25mm tempered rolled steel (Large is 16mm) 

With a frame like that, you can be sure your tent won't bend, snap or buckle. Even under the weight of heavy equipment.

The quick 'lock, push and click' connections keeps poles tightly together. Nothing's going to wobble or slide out. Your frame really stays stable and holds its shape.

We even did pull ups from one and it still didn't give!


A build like this can really take a beating. When plants are big and you're trying not to knocking off leaves, flowers and fruits, it doesn't matter if you lean into your tent - the BudBox Pro can take the hit! Flimsier tents fall apart at the slightest touch.

Side inspection doors (from XL size up)

You don't have to open the main doors to access plants and equipment - you can use the side inspection doors. They're great if you want to get to plants at the back of your tent without disturbing those at the front.

Ground level irrigation ports (from XL size up) 

There’s no need to cut hole your canvas or leave part of your tent unzipped. Now you can feed irrigation pipe through a ground level port. It sits under a raised bit of pole.

Support straps for ventilation equipment 

Loop and fasten the straps around fans and filters to secure heavy items.

20% bigger ventilation ports

The extra space means you can comfortably push bigger sizes of ducting through. You can also tighten the port around ducting for a snug, airtight fit - just use the drawstring.

Additional ventilation ports (from Titan size up)

In an ideal world, you want to fit your extraction system in the opposite corner to your intake system. In most tents, other bits of equipment get in the way and stop you doing this - like big reflectors.

Fortunately, the larger BudBox Pro tents have extra ports. Simply pick your ports, then tighten the rest to stop light and air seeping through them.

Green viewing window

Peer in on plants without letting pests and lights in with the handy viewing window. A green filter stops natural light leaking in.

Robust metal poles and corners

The steel frame won’t bend or break and a 'quick lock, push and click' system stops pieces from coming apart.

Strong door clips

Over time, hook & loop tape loses grip and becomes loose. That's why the BudBox Pro range swapped it out for proper door clips. Good shout!

Heavy duty zips

You’d soon lose count of how many times a grow tent is opened and closed over the course of a crop – let’s just say it’s a lot! Weak zips start to struggle, and maybe even snap. Thankfully, BudBox Pro Grow Tents have very robust zips that have been tried and tested over and over again!

Frame-free centre

The solid frame that runs around the outside of the tent supports the entire canvas. There are no vertical poles or horizontal floor poles in the centre of your growing area. This gives you more growing space and the freedom to pick a bigger system!

100% lightproof canvas

You don’t want natural light interfering with your cycle. And you definitely don't want to let grow light seep out. The 100% lightproof canvas stops both from happening.

Water catchment tray

Spills and mess are inevitable for growers. The catchment tray helps protect the bottom of your tent from water damage and also reflects a little bit of light back up towards plants.

Intake vents

All tents (except small) have intake vents so you can draw more air in during the summer. When temperatures settle down, the vents can be closed.


Grow rooms come in all different shapes and sizes. There's bound to be a BudBox Pro Tent to suit your space. Most are available on their own or as a complete kit.

Flat Roof

There are standard grow tents, in a range of sizes

Sloped Roof Tents

The sloped roof sits flush with your ceiling in any loft or attic. It  really helps maximise space to prevent heat problems. 

AW Tents

These are unique size tents that were designed specifically for Adjust-A-Wings Grow ights but work well with other light combos too. The're exclusive to GroWell. 

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