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[Q & A] Find Your Pot of Gold

[Q & A] Find Your Pot of Gold

Alex Grady

Paul Wyn from Gold Label is no stranger to media and nutrients. He kindly agreed to tell us the story behind Gold Label's nutrients and media. Here's what he had to say.


Who is Gold Label?


Gold Label is a market leader known for plant specific substrates and nutrients. Our experience spans over 3 generations and we only use the best available base materials.

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You pride yourselves on producing high quality media, right?


Absolutely. Most of our substrates carry KIWA certification - this is rare in our industry (no one else has it for soilless media). This proves the manufacturing process and media quality!

We’re also the sole carrier of RHP certified clay pebbles – our HydroCorn range! This means the clay pebbles are accepted as food grade. Our clay pebbles are the only ones on the globe with RHP certification.



Sounds good! Can you tell us more about your innovative HydroCorn pebbles?


Of course! The key is their irregular shape. Roots grip better and produce more side hairs, which absorb more elements. Stronger roots create healthier, more productive plants.

Our HydroCorn pebbles are baked in clean fuels, which is why they are food grade and RHP certified.

They're also porous and can absorb 15% of their own weight in water. This makes them very forgiving.


Everybody loves your 60/40 product – let’s hear a bit about that…


It really is a bulletproof mix!

The 60% HydroCorn is great for structure, grip and oxygen. The 40% coco holds onto the nutrients and keeps the rootzone moist… the perfect combination for flood and drain!

We use the outer coconut (raw) fibers, which are better for water transportation in pots. The coconuts come from the inlands of Sri Lankan and Indian islands. Here, there’s less salt present so less water is needed for washing.

A special permit in Holland lets us flush the coco down to 0.05 EC before we recharge it with calcium nitrate, trace elements and vitamins. Plants grown in our coco kick off immediately!


So what’s the story behind your nutrients?


We wanted to create concentrated and cost effective range of nutrients. Nutrients that are easier to carry and store than huge volumes of liquid.

Chelated minerals and trace elements in Gold Label nutrients make it easier for plants to take up all the components in our soil and coco nutrients…even when your pH fluctuates. But you should always aim to have a stable and balanced pH level.


That’s cool. Can you shed some more light on your range of additives?


Gold Label Roots contains root stimulators, hormones, amino acids and chelated calcium for activation. The amino acids help roots absorb base elements without using energy.

Gold Label Ultra MG is a nitrogen/magnesium additive for all growth stages. It spurs on new growth and boosts plant vitality.

Gold Label Ultra PK is a flowering additive based on advanced polyphosphates – including Super FK – that prevents mineral salt deposits and helps keep your irrigation lines clean! It’s designed to perfectly balance your NPK and micro elements during generative development.

Gold Label Enzyme is a highly concentrated enzyme that speeds up natural processes. It recycles dead roots into useful nutrition for the plants. It also creates space for new roots.

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