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OptiClimate Systems - A Game Changer

OptiClimate Systems - A Game Changer

Alex Grady

A closed loop room is the best kind of set up. Why? You get complete control over your climate.

Setting one up just got easier - meet the OptiClimate. It constantly teats the air (heats, cools, extracts, etc) in your grow room.

If you want to grow great plants for 365 days of the year, one of these systems really puts a stop to most summer problems. Here's what you need to know about using one.

What's an OptiClimate System?

It's a climate control system.

It's what you need if you're building a closed-loop room that's completely sealed off. No air enters, no air leaves. Instad, the air inside your room is treated.

You still need your lights, growing system, humidifier and a CO2 equipment. In fact, the OptiClimate synch with some really high end quipment (OptiClimate and CO2 equipment)

Can I use One?

Probably. There are 4 sizes available, after all!

Sizing Up
No of 600W Lights No of 400W Lights
OptiClimate 3500 6 9
OptiClimate 6000 10 15
OptiClimate 10000 16 24
OptiClimate 15000 24 35

These units are great for indoor use and greenhouses, for normal and multi-layer set ups.

You can use an OptiClimate 3500, for instance, in a Titan+ BudBox, Titan2 BudBox or Titan3 BudBox tent.

Why use One?

There are lots of reasons. Here are our favourites.

Best Climate

You create optimate conditions for your plant.

Constant Climate

It's easy to beat seasonal problems & create a constant climate all year round.

Better yet, the climate within your grow room is even, with no microclimates. Plants will all experience the exact same conditions.

Less Equipment

You don't need radiators and thermostats in the winter and up the number of fans needed is minimal.

No More Air Exchange

You don't have to worry about air exchange and odour removal! All air and smells stay in your grow room.

Higher CO2 Level

You can add CO2 without worrying about extracting it out again. More CO2 means more photosynthesis.

No wonder plants grow up to 40% faster and larger when you add more CO2!

Growers across the globe add CO2 to:

  • reduce heat & light stress
  • Improve root / top ratios
  • Reduce risk of damage from air pollutants

Prevents Pests

You are able to stop pests and disease from entering your room by doing away with air intake.

Favourite Features

There's a lot to love, and we'd bore you by going through it all! But here's what we love!


The OptiClimate System is super quiet! Acoustic insulation soundproofs the system. Vibration springs help keep it stood still and could quite literally hear a pin drop!

Cool, heat, circulate, dehumidify & filter with 1 appliance

You don't have to fiddle about with different bits of equipment - your OptiClimate automatically monitors and treats the air in your grow room.

Unexpected heat waves and cold snaps aren't a problem at all. You don’t need to be present to oversee it all!

Day & Night Temperatures

A light sensor detects when lights go out. This triggers the heating mode. When lights come back on again, cooling mode is activated.

Pre-heat Function (Fight Botrytis & Mould)

Fruit tends to cool down a lot over night. Then, in the early morning the air warms up quicker than fruit. This means condensation forms on their cold soft surfaces. When this happens, you're inviting Botrytis!

To combat this, your OptiClimate has a pre-heat function. It warms your growing area gradually, an hour before the lights switch on, giving fruit the chance to warm at a similar rate.

Slow Cool Down

If your grow room temperature drosp too rapidly once the lights go off, your plants get shocked. This can stunt their growth.

To stop this happening, your OptiClimate slowly cools down your grow room for an hour after lights go off.

Clear and Simple Remote

The large screen is your grow room at a glance (mode; fan speed; temperature; time; etc.).

To quickly change your settings, there are some simple buttons.

Dual Room

You can cool two rooms with one system!

Your system comes with al 3-way valve and an extra temperature sensor. Set your system up right and it'll simultaneously reduce temperatures in a separate day room and night room (only cooling is possible in this mode).

Carbon Filter Included

The carbonfilter doesn't just remove odours. It also reduces noise, prevents mould entering.


The OptiClimate System covers all of the bases.

Fire Safety

Firstly, all electrical components and connections are fitted inside robust, flame resistant steel casing.

Secondly, it uses ceramic heating – the most reliable and trustworthy type of electric heating around.

Thirdly, an in-built temperature safety switch can turn off lamps if the temperature reading soars above your maximum (which might occur due to an obstructed water supply for example).

Leakage Safety

To counter the threat of flooding, the Water-Cooled Unit has an in-built water leakage safety switch.

If any water leaves the pipe, collects on the floor and hits the sensor. the water supply will shut off.


Finally, there's the alarm system. It notifies you of any issues and saves these message for referencing at a later date.

You’ll get an SMS alert if a fault's been detected (excessive heat or a leak) and this will then be recorded by the Alarm Log function.

Which System Do you Need?

It depends on how you pay your bills and how much space you have. There are two options.

Air Cooled Systems

These consist of an indoor unit and outdoor unit - like the Kahn Climate Control systems.

No water is needed, so if your water's on a meter, this could be much cheaper for you to run.

Water Cooled Unit

With this system, you get an indoor unit only. To cool, cold water goes into the system, and hot water comes out. To warm your grow room, ceramic heaters are used.

If you haven't got space for an outdoor unit, this is great. If you have a fixed water bill, it can be cheaper to run, too.

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