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1 Pot = 1 Herb Garden

1 Pot = 1 Herb Garden

Alex Grady

Variety's the spice of life. Don't stick to one plant - you can grow a whole herb garden in one pot! Here's how you do it.


To get started, you'll need:

  • 30L Rhizopot + saucer
  • BioBizz All-Mix
  • Canna Coco Professional Plus
  • Hygrozyme
  • Guanokalong Bat Guano Powder
  • Blue bucket
  • Scalpel
  • Potting scoop
  • Selection of herbs (we used: basil, oregano, marjoram, rosemary and thyme)

You don't have to use the same media and additives as us. However, mixing coco in with your soil makes it much lighter, which is great for rooting and water absorption.

Grow a herb garden in 1 pot

Step 1

Grow a herb garden in 1 pot

Prepare your media.

Add your media to your blue bucket (one scoop of each at a time). Don't forget to stir as you go.

Step 2

Grow a herb garden in 1 pot


Sprinkle guano over the top, and water through with a Hygrozyme solution. Get stuck in - mix with your hands! Let your media mix stand for a while.

Step 3

Grow a herb garden in 1 pot


Fill your RhizoPot with your media, just a few inches shy of the top.

Step 4

Grow a herb garden in 1 pot

Make space in the top of your media for the herbs you want to plant here. Gently loosen the roots of hebs, before placing them in the holes. Then just fill in any gaps.

Step 5

Grow a herb garden in 1 pot

You can plant any leftover herbs into the side of your RhizoPot. To do this, make a horizontal cut, with a 1" diagonal cut at each end.

Step 6

Grow a herb garden in 1 pot

Scoop out enough media for you to fit one of your herb's rootzones in, then plant it into the hole. Repeat, until all herbs are planted.



Once done, place your RhizoPot on a saucer, and pop in your grow room or conservatory.

Congratulations! You've got a herb garden. For vigorous leaf growth, pick them off regularly -enjoy!

Grow a herb garden in 1 pot

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