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How to Set Up a Grow Tent [Step by Step]

How to Set Up a Grow Tent [Step by Step]

Alex Grady

Got an XL Grow Tent? Here's how to set up your grow tent. We've used a BAY6 XL Tent - one of our bestsellers.

There might be some slight differences, depending on which brand you use. But generally, the steps are the same for every grow tent set up.

Tent Contents:

Before starting your grow tent setup, make sure you've got all the parts of your tent.

That includes:

  • Horizontal poles
  • Vertical poles
  • 3-Way corner pieces
  • Support bars
  • Canvas

How To

Here's how to build a grow tent step by step.

Step 1

Empty the box and check you've got everything for your grow tent set up.

Step 2

Completely unfold and spread out the grow tent canvas.

Step 3

Use 4 x corner pieces and 4 x 'number 1' poles to make the base.

Step 4

Take 4 x 'number 2' poles and start assembling upright.

Step 5

Insert the 'number 3' poles ino the top of the 'number 2' poles.

Step 6

Use the 4 remaining corner pieces and 4 'number 1' poles for the top.

Step 7

Attach the hooks to the remaining 'number 1' poles.

Step 8

Clip the support poles to the top of the frame.

Step 9

Pull the tent canvas over your frame.

Step 10

Zip up the sides to complete grow tent assembly.

Tips & Tricks

Be Gentle

For the best grow tent set up, check the corner pieces are positioned the right way around and never force the zips.

Power Source

Make sure there is an available power source near by. You'll need an electrical supply to power lights, pumps, fans, etc. For a one light or two light grow tent setup, make sure you've got a couple of normal double wall sockets nearby. An extension lead can come in handy to overcome restrictions.

Remember, it's important that you don't overload your power supply when you set up a grow tent. Here's how to calculate the energy draw of your grow room equipment.

Give yourself enough space

You want plenty of room to manoeuvre in, and don't want to have to squeeze your tent through a door once it's fully built.

Think ahead and build your tent in the room it's going to be in.


It might be necessary to run lights and pumps at night - which can generate a little bit of noise. With this in mind, try to set up your grow tent away from sleeping and living areas.

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