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Get a King Size Crop with Multi-Ducts!

Get a King Size Crop with Multi-Ducts!

Alex Grady

Multi-Ducts are in BIG demand right now! Large-scale growers love them. Here’s why.

What are they?

A thin film of oxygen-rich nutrient solution is pumped over bare plant roots. This increases nutrient uptake and overall growth!

NFT Systems - it works just like our Multi-Ducts & Hydro-Ducts

NFT Systems

Why use it?

There are lots of reasons - take your pick!

Easy To Manage

Easy to Manage

If you’ve got a big crop, Multi-Ducts make management easy! You feed all plants from one tank. And you won’t need to use a timer as systems run 24/7.

Low Waste

Low Waste

There’s barely any growing media to dispose of and nutrient solution is recirculated to reduce waste.

Maximum Growing Space

Maximum Growing Space

To make the most of your growing space, planting channels are long and wide, so there’s plenty of room for plants. The tank also sits right at the end of your top trays and can be pushed right underneath to save space.

Big Plants in Low Tents

Big Plants in Low Tents

Plants sit close to the ground so you can grow taller plants in a shorter space compared to other hydro systems.

Aerated Rootzone

Aerated Rootzone

As your nutrient solution flows down the top tray, it pulls fresh air along with it, giving roots plenty of access to oxygen. With all that oxygen, nutrient uptake is high to support growth. You also get stronger, healthier roots that grow quickly and can support bigger plants.



Place plants where you like! Some growers grow fewer larger plants, others grow lots of smaller plants. It’s totally up to you! Simply cut the correx cover with your required plant spacing.

You even try and test new growing techniques - It’s all part of the fun. We’ve seen people placing pots in their top trays then just use the system to collect run-off. In our Dudley shop, they turned one into a recirculating drip system with FloraFlex FloraCaps (coming soon to all stores and the web!)

Working Displays In-Store

Don’t forget to drop by your nearest shop to see the latest Nutriculture systems on display.

Working Displays In- Store

Simple Set Up

This is how much space you'll need for each system:

Simple Set Up

  • 6ft Single Channel Multi-Duct fits in an XXL Tent
  • 6ft Double Channel WIDE Multi-Duct fits in a 2.4m x 2.4m Tent
  • 8ft Single Channel Multi-Duct fits in an AW200 Tent
  • 8ft Double Channel WIDE Multi-Duct fits in a 3m x 3m Titan3 Tent

8ft Hydro-Ducts are available in store only. Drop by to order yours

Step 1

Multi-Duct Step 1

Arrange the stand, reservoir and top tray (with the lowest stand nearest to the reservoir)

Step 2

Multi-Duct Step 2

Connect the pump to the pipework, then feed the pipework to the highest point of the Multi-Duct

Step 3

Multi-Duct Step 3

Apply spreader mat to each channel for a smooth, even flow of nutrient solution (allow for some overhang)

Step 4

Multi-Duct Step 4

Create holes in the correx cover for your plants to sit in, then place it on the top tray.

Top Tips

Peel the wrapper off rockwool blocks

Leave the wrapper on cubes during propagation. Once roots are visible and you are ready to plant out onto the top tray, peel the wrapper back on your rockwool blocks. This way, roots will grow out the sides of the blocks and establish faster.

Position cubes properly

Line the grooves in your cubes up with the flow of water so roots grow along the planting channel.

Fully establish plants first

You know roots are ready when you can see lots of root tips emerging from the bottom of blocks. It’s best to propagate the rockwool block on a raised mesh - air will flow under the blocks and air prune roots. You'll get a denser root network in the block, ready for explosive growth when you plant out.

Don't layer up your spreader mat

This’ll just slow the flow of water

Let the spreader mat hang into the flow of water

This’ll make sure there are no dripping noises as the water recirculates.

Use Silver Bullet Roots

It'll kill 99% of root nasties in any hydro system. It's pretty new but growers already swear by it!

Use a correx cover

This stops lights reaching roots and warming your nutrient solution. If any light reaches roots, algae can start to form! For extra protection, cover the correx with Black & White Reflective Sheeting.

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