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Get a Greener Grow - Emerald Harvest Q&A

Get a Greener Grow - Emerald Harvest Q&A

Alex Grady

It was first started in 2014 and has been winning over growers across the US since…we’re talking about Emerald Harvest.

What’s the range about? When and how should you use it? David Pratt, president & co-founder has joined us to explain it all.


So, what’s the Emerald Harvest story?


It has always been clear to me that growers want a simple feeding program and a clean, quality end product.

To create this, we hired a leading organic chemist with over 10 years’ experience.

Together, we developed a compact range. One that would maximise the genetic potential of plants using a solid base nutrient and just 4 core supplements. Simple and streamlined.

Today, our range is used in industrial greenhouses throughout the US. And it’s still easy for beginners to use.


Sounds great. Can you tell us a bit more about the minerals you use?


Of course. We use high quality, 90 - 95% pure salts, to eliminate chloride and other heavy metals.

With very little chloride to inhibit uptake, and a quality source of minerals salts, more nutrients can be used by plants.


Interesting. And how did you test your nutrients?


Good question. We’ve done laboratory testing – this is where the guaranteed analysis on bottles has come from. In 2014 & 2015 we did commercial trials in California, Colorado & Washington.

We were extremely pleased with results and have plenty of testimonials from commercial growers.


So we hear! Tell us about your 4 core supplements


To make growing easy, we combined the most beneficial elements into 4 core nutrients. Having less bottles to manage makes feeding much easier.

The 4 core supplements are:

Root Wizard: Root inoculant

Two doses of Root Wizard inoculates your rootzone with beneficial bacteria.

Your root mass, root health & nutrient uptake increases. With the beneficial microorganisms already established in your media, it’s tough for nasty root diseases (like root rot) to establish themselves.

This reduces mineral build ups and ensures drippers don’t clog.

Honey Chome: Flavour enhancer

Honey Chome creates a rich colour, better taste and stronger flavour. It doesn’t alter or add new flavours – it intensifies the natural flavours of your plants. The sugars in Honey Chome also feed the microorganisms in Root Wizard – this stops them feeding on sugars from your plants.

Emerald Goddess: Plant tea (can be used as standalone supplement)

It acts as a biocatalyst to speed up chemical reactions. You could use it as a standalone product and get great results in any garden.

It contains triacontanol (from alfalfa). To really turbocharge growth, it contains kelp extract (kelp is the world’s fastest growing plant!), which contains auxins, cytokinins and other growth hormones. You’ll get bigger, faster growing plants with greener leaves that can flower sooner.

King Kola: Bloom booster

This is the only bloom booster to contain hemp seed flour. Hemp seeds are almost 25% protein. As a plant source, it matches the protein profiles of plants – it’s incredibly absorbable.


What about your NPK range?


We offer a 3-part formula, which will let you micro-manage what you feed plants. But most growers find it easier to use our 2-part formulation, Cali Pro.

Cali Pro is nitrogen-rich and contains chelated iron, cobalt, manganese and zinc, which are easily absorbed by plants.

Iron: activates metabolic processes and is key to photosynthesis & respiration

Manganese: works with iron in chlorophyll production

Copper: activates plant enzymes, and helps with both chlorophyll production and lignin formation

Zinc: helps regulate growth

Use Part A + B in equal amounts and you can’t go wrong with your ratios.


Who should use Emerald Harvest Cal-Mag?


If using the rest of our range, you won’t need it. We do, however, recommend it for people growing in coco. You can also use it to overcome nutrient deficiencies.

Go easy when using it! We use magnesium & calcium acetate which is absorbed 3 x faster! We recommend starting low at 0.25ml/L then building up to no more than 1.25ml/L.


Where does Sturdy Stalk, your Potassium Silicate Supplement fit in?


Plants can use it as a lignan substitute so they don’t have to make bark themselves. It thickens all cell walls to enhance the structural integrity of plants.

Plants become stronger, with thicker stems and branches. They’re also better able to withstand pest attacks and support a heavier yield.

We recommend using it at 1.25ml/L


Can Emerald Harvest be used with other ranges?


You can.

Emerald Harvest works really well with other products (like pH adjusters and cloning gel).

For best results, avoid swapping out our core supplements – they’ve been designed to provide a complete feeding program with no gaps.  All products in the line work incredibly well together. For instance, the sugars in Emerald Harvest Honey Chome feed the bacteria in Root Wizard.


Is Emerald Harvest suitable for all medias and methods?


It’s pretty universal! You can use it with any growing media and most systems.

Don’t use it with any air stones or bubblers though - it contains organic ingredients.   


How would you recommend mixing Emerald Harvest?


We would recommend following these steps:

  1. Add Emerald Harvest Cali Pro (add A + B to your tank separately, mixing well in between)

  2. Add other Emerald Harvest supplements, mixing well after adding each one

  3. Let the solution sit for a few minutes

  4. Check your pH

  5. Adjust the pH if you need to

If using Sturdy Stalk, try not to mix it with other nutrients and boosters.

Ideally, you should use it alone, on water-only days. If this isn’t possible, add it first to your feed, mix very well, then add the nutrients and use immediately. You definitely will need to use them on the same day. 

Cal-Mag is best used as and when is needed – again, ideally on water-only days.


Emerald Harvest Feed Chart
  Cali Pro - Grow A   Cali Pro -Grow B  Cali Pro -Bloom A Cali Pro -Bloom B Emerald Goddess  King Kola Honey Chrome Root Wizard
Cuttings / Seedlings   0.5ml  0.5ml  - - - -
Transplanting 0.75ml  0.75ml  -  -  -  -  -
Early Veg 1ml 1ml  - 1.5ml   - 1ml 3.75ml 
Late Veg  1.25ml 1.25ml  - 1.5ml    - 1ml
Transition  1.25ml  1.25ml  1.5ml  1ml  1ml  -
Flowering (Week 2)  -  -  1.25ml  1.25ml  2ml 2ml  2ml 3.75ml 
Flowering (Week 3)  -  -  1.25ml  1.25ml  2ml 2ml  2ml
Flowering (Week 4)  -  -  1.5ml  1.5ml  2.5ml 3ml  2ml
Flowering (Week 5)  -  -  1.5ml  1.5ml  2.5ml 3ml  2ml
Flowering (Week 6)  -  - 1.5ml 1.5ml  2.5ml 2ml 2ml 
Flowering (Week 7)  -  - 1.5ml 1.5ml  2.5ml 2ml 2ml 
(Week 8)
 -  - 1.5ml 1.5ml  1.25ml 1ml 1.5ml  -  
(Week 9)
 -  -  0.25ml  0.25ml  -  - 1.5ml


Tell us about your bottle – they’re very distinctive


The artwork is actually based on Art Nouveau - we love this style!

With our signature green colour, the bottle blends in perfectly to any grow room.

To prevent spills and waste, the bottles have back-pour technology. This is where any excess drips back to the bottle, not onto your grow room floor!

Of course, all bottles have a lock cap that doubles up as a measuring cup, too.

Well, the range definitely got our attention – we’re excited to be selling it. Thanks for answering our questions!

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