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Terra Aquatica - FlashClean- 5 Litre

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SKU: 87035
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Keep Your System Salt and Residue Free with Terra Aquatica FlashClean!

Mineral feeds can lead to salt residues accumulating in your substrate (medium), causing blockages and potentially slowing plant growth. Terra Aquatica FlashClean ensures your system remains free of these precipitated mineral salts, preventing nutrient lockouts and other issues related to salt build-up.

How FlashClean Works

Mineral feeds often leave salt deposits on grow mediums such as clay pebbles, coco, soil, and perlite. These deposits can also clog hydroponic system components like drip lines and drainage pipes. Salt accumulation in grow media causes significant plant stress, leading to nutrient lockouts and stunted growth. In hydroponic systems, salt build-up can reduce the lifespan of pumps, drip lines, and drainage pipes, potentially causing system failures and plant death.

Terra Aquatica FlashClean effectively dissolves mineral precipitates, deposits, and residues from any grow medium and system, ensuring optimal performance. This reduces plant stress and minimizes the risk of nutrient lockouts. Unlike many other cleaning products, FlashClean does not rely on enzymes; it uses a unique technology to achieve its goals. Additionally, FlashClean can be used as a flushing agent towards the end of a grow cycle, helping clear out nutrients and encouraging the plant to transport sugars to its flowers and fruits.

  • Terra Aquatica (T.A) - Originally known as (GHE) General Hydroponics Europe
  • FlashClean - re-dissolves mineral salts that have precipitated out onto your grow media and through your grow system
  • Reduces lockouts and deficiencies due to salt induced plant stress
  • Can be used as a flushing agent a few days before harvest
  • Very economical - highly concentrated formula means a little goes a long way
  • Can be used in all mediums and grow systems

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