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Professional Quality Sprayers

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Professional Garden Spray-Guns

If you are going to properly apply your foliar additives and pest control sprays across all surfaces of your plants, it's essential that you get a good sprayer.
We've searched high and low to find the best quality and best value sprayers available, and here they are! We only ever stock equipment that delivers the best performance at the price points.
  • Ideal for delivering foliar feeds, improving plant nutrition
  • Great for pest control — will help to protect your crop
  • Available in sizes to suit every grow room
  • High-quality - don't get blocked as easily as cheap sprayers
  • Clean out regularly with warm soapy water to preserve the lifespan and remove pathogens
We have a Budget 1-Litre Spray Gun, a 2-Litre Professional Pump-Up Sprayer, and a 5-Litre Professional Lance Sprayer for those hard-to-reach spots in crowded grow rooms.

Why Foliar Feed?

Foliar feeding involves applying nutrient-rich solutions directly to plants' leaves, bypassing potential nutrient uptake limitations and allowing plants to quickly access essential nutrients and micronutrients. This targeted approach delivers nutrients directly to the site, which is helpful in various physiological processes, including photosynthesis and enzyme activation.

Foliar feeding can be particularly advantageous during periods of stress or rapid growth, when root uptake may be compromised. The nutrients are rapidly absorbed through the leaves' stomata and are transported to different parts of the plant, enhancing overall nutrient availability.

Foliar feeding is not a substitute for root feeding, but serves as an effective supplement, promoting healthier foliage, improved nutrient efficiency, and enhanced development.

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  • Can and use this for hand watering plants ?

    The Professional Quality Sprayers are designed to apply foliar feeds to your plants. We would recommend using either a jug, or a bucket to hand water your plants.