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Ionic Cal Mag Pro

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Avoid Cal-Mag Deficiencies with Ionic Cal-Mag Pro!

Certain fast-growing plants require large amounts of calcium and magnesium, especially during peak blooming. Ionic Cal-Mag Pro helps address and prevent these deficiencies by supplementing with these vital nutrients.

How Cal-Mag Pro Works:

  • Prevents Deficiencies: Plants lacking in essential secondary nutrients can show sluggish growth and develop symptoms like yellowing between leaf veins (magnesium deficiency) and small dark brown spots with sharp halos (calcium deficiency). General paling or yellowing of leaves can also occur.
  • Comprehensive Nutrient Blend: Ionic Cal-Mag Pro contains plant-available forms of calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), nitrogen (N), iron (Fe), amino acids, humic acids, and complex organic plant extracts. This blend helps treat and prevent common deficiencies during the critical flowering stage.
  • Ideal for Coco Growing: Coco growing media can absorb calcium, making plants prone to deficiencies. Additionally, high levels of potassium (K), such as those from a PK booster, can lock out calcium and magnesium. Ionic Cal-Mag Pro is particularly effective in these conditions.
  • Ensures Optimal Growth: Using Cal-Mag Pro ensures that your plants receive all the nutrients they need, preventing deficiencies and safeguarding your final crop yield.

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