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Athena Nutrients - Blended Line CaMg

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SKU: 710427
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Athena Nutrients - Blended Line CaMg

Athena CaMg is specifically formulated to serve as a valuable supplement to either of our 2-part liquid formulas. Certain cultivars and specific growing conditions may necessitate higher doses of Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and Nitrogen during periods of intense growth and development. This product effectively addresses these common deficiencies without disrupting the overall elemental balance.

Athena CaMg proves especially beneficial in systems that utilize reverse osmosis (RO) water and for plants cultivated in inert media like coco and rockwool. While our 2-part formulas already provide ample levels of Calcium and Magnesium, some growers may find supplementation advantageous under demanding circumstances.

With Athena CaMg, you can confidently address these nutrient requirements, ensuring optimal plant health and performance. It seamlessly integrates into your existing nutrient regimen, allowing you to fine-tune the nutrient composition as needed, without compromising the overall elemental balance.

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