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Legends are born... SHOGUN fertilisers have arrived!

Legends are born... SHOGUN fertilisers have arrived!

Alex Grady

Legends are born! The new SHOGUN range has arrived. It's a stunning suite of nutrients, boosters and stimulants that took 8 years of research to perfect.

Here's why we love the range!


There's no getting around how good it is. Their nutrients have been proven to increase your yield by up to 8%. And it's not just their nutrients that deliver - they've got a whole range.

Just look at what happened when we used SHOGUN Katana Roots on cuttings:

Day 5

Katana Roots

Day 7

Katana Roots

Day 7

Katana Roots

AquaZen and SmartZen

These are SHOGUN's two exclusive additives.

SmartZen Maximiser

You'll find SmartZen Maximiser in all of SHOGUN's base feeds.

It's a blend of sterols, lignans, tannin, lipids and hydrocarbons that increases your yield by up to 8%!

  • Increase photosynthesis & chlorophyll production
  • Lower heat stress
  • Increase nutrient assimilation
  • Drive enzyme driven processes
  • Stimulate mitochondria activity

AquaZen Maximiser

You'll find this in SHOGUN's Coco Nutrient. It's their answer to false drain.

This is a common problem in coco. Instead of penetrating your media, water flows across the top and down the sides of your coco. When you see it dripping out the bottom of pots, you think you're getting run off. You're not - it's false drain. When this happens, you can feed plants too little, and get dry patches in your media, where roots can't grow.

AquaZen Slow Water improves water's ability to wet your coco so that your nutrient is spread evenly across your media.

  • Spreads water evenly
  • Reduces nutrient waste
  • Stops false drain
  • Maximises root growth

Dilution rate

SHOGUN nutrients are known for their low dilution rate.

By the bottle, they cost a bit more to buy than some othernutrients. But their dilution rate is so low that they're almost always the cheapest per Litre. And we love value for money at GroWell.

We Recommend

Use the whole SHOGUN suite. They've been designed to work well together.

For instance, SHOGUN Sumo Boost ramps up ripening on its own, but use it with SHOGUN PK Warrior 9/18 and you'll be really impressed.

It's a good idea to use SHOGUN Silicon to toughen plants up. They'll be stronger and more stable with thicker stems and branches. With a structure like that, pests will struggle to penetrate them, and plants will be able to cope with weather extremes.

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