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Fed up of hand-watering plants? Or tired of removing the run-off? Then check out RhizoSystems!

Fed up of hand-watering plants? Or tired of removing the run-off? Then check out RhizoSystems!

Alex Grady

Growing your plants in pots is easy and effective – especially when you choose to use RhizoPots and get to experience the unique benefits of air pruning technology!

Still, the traditional method of carrying out feeds by hand and manually removing the resultant run-off can take up valuable time and effort. Well folks… not anymore!

RhizoSystems are designed to collect excess nutrient solution from underneath pots and then transport it to a drain/waste bucket, whilst Drip & Drain models also include a high quality fully automated irrigation system. Truly sensational new products!

Although you'll find 24 different RhizoSystems available at present, this large number of products can be split into two distinct groups based on the performed tasks. Drain Only RhizoSystems solely deal with the issue of collecting and removing run-off from below RhizoPots whereas Drip & Drain RhizoSystems also allow you to automate feeds using an advanced network of drippers. Both of these systems are worth exploring separately...

RhizoSystem Drain Only


  • Designed to remove the run-off from underneath RhizoPots
  • Fast, efficient and tidy
  • Can be used if you hand water plants or with an existing drip system
  • Customisable systems of up to 72 pots

RhizoSystems - Drain Only

Removing run-off - The RhizoStands

One of the key elements of the RhizoSystem is the RhizoStand. It has been moulded to comfortably accommodate a variety of sizes of RhizoPot, and ensures that run-off quickly leaves the area immediately surrounding the roots via a series of channels all sloped down towards a single outlet. At this point, the RhizoSystem Brain Controller can draw up the excess nutrient solution through the attached 25mm Iceline Pipework.

Pots on stands - RhizoSystems

Removing run-off - 25mm Iceline Pipework

The 25mm Iceline pipework has been purposely selected to remove the run-off for the following reasons:

  • Guarantees fast removal
  • Much quicker than using the 13mm pipework found on competitor products
  • Much less likely to become blocked or back up
  • Stands can be spaced apart and positioned to suit the shape of your room (just make sure the pipework is pulled tight)

RhizoSystems - Iceline

Removing run-off - The RhizoSystem Brain Controller

All run-off is drawn through the pipework into the RhizoSystem Brain Controller.

Features include:

Rhizosystems - Brain

  • 6 inlets (using 25mm fittings) for creating 6 lines of pots (maximum recommended run of 12 pots per line)
  • Maxi-Jet 1000 Pump
  • Magnetic Float Switch (reliable IWS components)
  • Time delay to ensure minimal run-off is left in the RhizoSystem Brain

Removing run-off - The final destination

From the RhizoSystem Brain Controller, you need to work out where you'd like the run-off to be directed - most people either point it towards a drain or a waste bucket. Here are a few things to consider when making your decision:

  • The run-off is carried out of the RhizoSystem Brain Controller using 13mm Iceline Pipework
  • The kit contains a non-return valve to stop the Maxi-Jet Pump from becoming air-locked
  • If you have a drain in your room and can allow gravity to carry the water, then you just need RhizoStands and pipework

Rhizosystems - Brain

RhizoSystem Drip & Drain


  • Efficient run-off collection network combined with pressure compensated drip irrigation system
  • Utilises Iceline pipework throughout
  • Systems available up to 48 pots, all completely customisable

Drip and Drain

Irrigation System

  • Easy to install Iceline pipework
  • No need for hot water - 360o Pressure Compensated Drip Stakes equally distribute nutrient solution across pots and media
  • Standard RhizoStands use 1 dripper per pot, XL RhizoStands use 2 drippers per pot
  • Includes convenient 19mm 8 outlet manifolds (so you don't have to pierce the pipework to connect drip lines)
  • Inline tap installed on the end of each line for periodically flushing the line


8 Outlet Manifold


A complete reservoir assembly is supplied with all Drip & Drain kits. This includes the following items:


If you want to stop your plants from spending time sat in run-off after feeds (which often leads to oversaturation and root rot) then there really is nothing else that can come close to the effectiveness of a RhizoSystem. Every component in these kits has been carefully picked out based on quality and ease-of-use, yet the pricing doesn't exclude anyone at all. The option of adding irrigation equipment even makes it possible to create a fully automated nutrient distribution and drainage system, totally consigning hand-watering to the past! A fantastic set of additions to the RhizoPot family!


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