Gavita Pro 270e LEP (Plasma) Supplemental Spectrum

Gavita Pro 270e LEP (Plasma) Supplemental Spectrum

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Gavita Pro 270e LEP (Plasma) Supplemental Spectrum

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Enhance plant performance with a supplementary plasma grow light!

They emit an incredibly broad spectrum of plant usable light. Use it alongside a HPS light to get a spectrum closer to actual sunlight.

You’ll get more blue light, which is crucial for the vegetative stage. You’ll also get more UVA and UVB to stimulate essential oil production.

The Gavita Pro E-Series LEP uses just 270W and lasts a remarkable 30,000 hours - efficient!

Harmful UVC is filtered out, and the lamp produces next to no heat, to protect your plants.

Your crops will taste better, smell better, grow better and produce more essential oil!

Since they’re part of Gavita’s E-Series, you can connect them to a Gavita Master Controller, too!

LEP (Light Emitting Plasma) supplement light
Use with an HPS light for an incredibly wide spectrum
• More blue light for the vegetative stage
Enhances essential oil production (more UVA and UVB)
Enriches the taste and aroma of fruits and flowers
• Harmful UVC is filtered out
• No infrared radiation
No heat damage – lamps produce very little heat
• Lamp life of 30,000 hours!
• Suitable for humid environments
• No moving parts, fans or sound!
• Ballast, reflector and lamp – 3 in 1 complete system
Use it alongside a HPS grow light
• Part of the Gavita Pro E-Series
• Connects to a Gavita Master Controller
• Efficient – runs on just 270W but covers a 600W (metal halide) area

Gavita products come with a 3 year warranty that we're happy to honour, so hang onto your receipt. 


The Tech

The Tech

• THD:<10%
• Input Connection: IEC C14
• Output Connection: XR505
• Inner box dimensions: 580 mm (length) x 288 mm (width) x 190 mm (height)
• Weight: 10.5 kg, 23 lbs
• Housing: Solid extruded aluminium, light weight, excellent thermal management. Finish is marine grade, polyester powder coat with UV inhibitors. Stainless steel fasteners. Six mounting points for hanging cables or hooks.
• Reflector Material: Die-cast aluminium housing, high grade aluminium reflector. High transmission ultra-broadband tempered cover glass. Sealed housing suitable for damp environment. Wire mesh EMI shielded.
• External dim: Gavita Master Controller
• External dim connector: RJ14 (6P4C)
• Light Source: LUMIX GRO 41.01 or GRO 41.2 emitter
- 41.01 Suplemental spectrum for HPS
- 41.02 High CRI sunlight simulation, stand alone
• PPF: - 41.01 310 µMol/sec  (1.15 µmol/Watt)
- 41.02 300 µMol/sec
• Lifetime: - 41.01 50.000 hours
- 41.02 30.000 hours
• Electrical specs: 100-240 V AC 50-60 Hz, 270 W, high power factor

Kit Contains


1 x Network connector
1 x Gavita Pro 270e LEP fixture

How to Use

Use it to boost the spectrum of a standard HPS grow light

1. Hang the combined ballast & reflector in your chosen position
2. The lamp and reflector glass are both factory-fitted
3. Ensure there’s a little air circulation around the unit
4. Keep the reflector glass so it continues to run efficiently

To see how to change your lamp and reflector, watch the video above.

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