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Who are GroWell Hydroponics?

We’re a leading supplier of hydroponics equipment through online, mail order and a national chain of shops. We believe in offering an exceptional range of hydroponic products and providing expert advice to the UK’s hydroponics and indoor gardening community.

Our aim is to provide you with unrivalled choice and assistance, whether it’s here on the website or in one of the hydroponics shops located in Birmingham, Hockley Heath, Dudley and Coleshill; or within London, in Wembley and Merton. We also now have fantastic stores in Bristol and Sheffield too!

Because we’ve been around since 1994, you can be sure that you are dealing with a reputable, established hydroponics retailer, and with a team of people that have built knowledge and expertise covering a huge variety of subjects related to hydroponics and indoor gardening.

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants that instead of using soil, uses water, a growing medium and nutrient solution. It offers exceptional levels of control over nutrients, light, water, temperature and other environmental factors, allowing gardeners to optimise their growing and maximise yields, even in limited space.

Hydroponics is so successful because it gives your plants precisely what they need, when they need it - delivering nutrients at the right time in a soluble form, providing light in the correct spectrum for the plant’s growth stage, or maintaining the optimum temperature for development. We offer advice and products for hydroponic systems including:

• NFT (Nutrient Film Technique)
• Flood & Drain
• Drip Irrigation
• Deep Water Culture

At Growell we have everything you could ever need to get started with hydroponics and are ideally placed to offer products to both beginners and seasoned indoor gardeners.

The growing experts...

An important part of GroWell is sharing our knowledge, expertise and advice on all manner of different subjects around hydroponics and indoor gardening. As experts and enthusiasts ourselves, we’re ideally placed to provide you with reliable information from a source you can trust.

Learn Categories

• Expert Tips
• New Growers
• Buyer’s Guides
• Grow Diaries
• Instructions
• Feed Charts

Within the Learn section you will find a wealth of tips and guides to help you get the most from your indoor gardening. Whether you’re after a buyer’s guide, need instructions on how to use your equipment or purely want growing tips from expert hydroponic gardeners you will find it all right here on the GroWell website.

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