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SHOGUN Silicon

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Build plant defences with SHOGUN Silicon. It toughens cell walls, giving your plants a much stronger structure.

Your plants become stronger, with thicker stems and robust branches that can support bigger yields and heavier fruits.

On top of this, you’ll be shielding plants against pests & diseases. They’ll be better able to cope with heat & stress, too!

You won’t have to tweak your pH as often – SHOGUN Silicon buffers pH fluctuations.

It’s already low cost – with the exceptional dilution rate of 1ml per Litre, you can’t go wrong! Try SHOGUN Silicon today!

• Strengthen cell walls & toughen plant structure
Shield plants against heat & stress!
• Support bigger yields & heavier fruits
• Boost resistance to pests and diseases
Reduce transpiration (lose less water through leaves)
Stablizise pH fluctuations of your feed
Boost CO2 absorption, chlorophyll production & photosynthesis
• Designed for easy absorption
• Incredible investment – low cost + fantastic dilution rate
• Most concentrated silicon booster on the market!
• Fantastic for all stages of growth (until flowering)
• Exceptional results in all growing media and all growing systems
Favourite for hydro growers

SHOGUN Silicon is truly fantastic. It’s based on years of research and is the most concentrated Silicon based feed on the market today. Other brands can’t compete! Invest in the best – try SHOGUN Silicon today.

Find out more about SHOGUN Silicon - check out our article - Food For Thought: Silicon Enhancements.

The Science

SHOGUN Silicon, as the name implies, is liquid silicon.

Liquid silicon strengthens cell walls, and the bonds between cell walls.

Your plants will have thicker branches and tougher stems that are able to support heavier fruits and yields.

Pests find it harder to penetrate the thicker plant leaves. Plants also develop a resistance to fungi, diseases and pathogens.

Plants are able to retain more water (less is lost through the thicker leaves), so you have a better rate of transpiration. This means they're better able to cope with too much heat and stress.

SHOGUN Silicon also increases chlorophyll production, and improves the way your plants use CO2. You’ll see an increase in photosynthesis!

Since it’s so easily absorbed by your plants, your plants will be able to direct more energy to growth!

For stronger plants and a great harvest, SHOGUN Silicon is a must-have. You’ll get great results in any growing media and growing system (it’s a favourite for hydro gowers!). 

How to Use

Dilution rate: 1ml per Litre

You can safely use it from when propagating plants start to root, until around 1 – 2 weeks before harvest.

1. Dechlorinate your water
2. Add SHOGUN Silicon
3. Adjust pH level to just below 7
4. Add any other nutrients
5. Adjust the pH level to preferred target

For more information, read 'Correctly Incorporating Silicon into your Feeds'.


• Check and adjust your pH after adding SHOGUN Silicon.

• If mixing SHOGUN Silicon with any other nutrients, make sure that you never mix them together in their concentrated forms – instead, add each one to your water/solution separately.

• Make sure you use protective clothing when handling SHOGUN Silicon.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (1)

Are all the shogun products suitable to use in coco with canna coco base feed?
All of the Shogun products will work well in coco, I would particularly recommend using the SHOGUN Calmag, SHOGUN Sumo Boost, & SHOGUN PK Warrior alongside your base feed.

Written by JJ | 2 Feb 2014