Oxy-Plus 11.9%

Oxy-Plus 11.9%

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Oxy-Plus 11.9% - 250mls

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Oxy-Plus 11.9% - 1 Litre

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Hydroponic grower?

For a sterile, disease free tank and healthy plant roots, use Oxy-Plus!

When added to your tank, it releases oxygen.

The extra oxygen prevents and treats root diseases - oxygen atoms attack viruses and fungal spores.

It also enhances nutrient uptake - leading to faster growing, healthier plants.

Use it to sterilise your system between crops (at higher concentrations), too. 

Oxy-Plus, aka Liquid Oxygen (11.5%)
• Adds extra ions of pure oxygen to the nutrient tank
Combats root diseases and pathogens like Pythium
Increases nutrient uptake – thus enhancing growth rates
• Use to sterilise hydroponic systems and clean equipment

Choose your Size:

• Oxy-Plus (11.5%) - 250ml
• Oxy-Plus (11.5%) – 1 Litre
• Oxy-Plus (11.5%) – 5 Litre

Note: The 5 litre bottle cannot be purchased online or via mail order, but it’s available to buy in store.

The Science

Oxy-Plus contains hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). When added to your tank, it quickly breaks down and releases oxygen.

These extra oxygen molecules:

1. Attack diseases, fungal spores and pathogens in your tank
2. Clean and sterilise grow room equipment
3. Improve nutrient uptake

Overall, you’ll get healthier, disease free roots. It’s great for both preventing and treating root disease.

You’ll get stronger, faster growing plants, thanks to better nutrient uptake.

It’s fantastic for cleaning and sterilising your system, equipment and growing media between crops, too.

How to Use

Regular Use

1. Dilute mixture

• If using daily: Add at a rate of 1ml per litre of tank volume
• If using two or three times per week: Add at a rate of 2ml per litre of tank volume

2. Mix the liquid oxygen with a litre of lukewarm water before adding it to tank

3. Stir thoroughly before circulating to plants.

Sterilising growing media

Oxy-Plus can be used to clean and sterilise the hydroponic system and growing medium.

1. If using a medium such as Perlite or expanded clay, remove as many old roots as possible.

2. Soak the medium in a concentrated solution of Oxy-Plus

3. This will oxidise organic matter in the medium and assist in its rapid decomposition

4. Remember to flush medium thoroughly with fresh water before re-use

Sterilising a hydroponic system

1. Make up Liquid Oxygen at a rate of 15ml per litre

2. Put in the tank and circulate it around the system

3. Remember to flush the system thoroughly with fresh water, or wait a few days, before installing new plants

Treating root disease

Condition: root disease
Symptom: soft brown roots and wilting plants

The sooner you act, the better chance you have of successfully treating the problem.

1. If the roots are soft and weak, remove as much dead root mass as possible by hand

2. Clean up trays and gulleys as much as possible

3. Empty the nutrient tank and clean it thoroughly

4. Circulate fresh water through the system to help remove debris

5. Discard the water

6. Fill the tank with fresh, clean water

7. Add Oxy-Plus at 4 ml per litre of tank volume.

8. Circulate water for three days – adding Oxy-Plus every day at the above rate

9. Empty tank and clean it again

10. Make up fresh nutrient solution and add Oxy-Plus at the rate of 1 ml per litre

11. Set the system running again

12. Add Oxy-Plus daily for the life of the crop

13. If the problem is corrected there will be new white roots appearing very quickly

14. If this does not happen then repeat the process


Ensure you handle your Oxy-Plus with care:

• Always wear gloves and goggles
• Store it in a locked cupboard
• Keep it out of the reach of children


Q & A

Questions and Answers (3)

Can this be used with GHE? or is it best to stick with an optimum set for NFT - A/B, silcon, oxy plus & nitrozyme?
The Oxy-Plus can be used with the GHE range of nutrients. We would not recommend using Oxy plus in a soil grow, or if you have introduced a beneficial bacteria product such as Trichoderma.

Written by G | 13 Dec 2012

Can I use liquid oxygen with soil, if so I leave my water to sit for at least 24 hours with an air stone and pump submerged before I add my nutrients then feed, would I be best to add oxygen with my base nuts or to add it to my plain water and pump for 24 hours?
We would not advise using Oxy-Plus in soil, as it will kill all beneficial bacteria in the soil.

Written by DR | 16 Sep 2011

i use an air pump to oxygenate my nutrient, would using liquid oxygen increase my oxygen levels further? i am aware that all friendly bacteria is killed when using h2o2 products, but since vita link max(my preferred nutrient) dosen't really need the bacteria to break down the nutrient into forms the plant can use, is it worth trading friendly fungi for increased oxygen and cleaner rootzone conditions? i use clay pebbles and have recently read fungi does'nt colonize in clay anyway, unless i add coco at a min 20%.
Oxy plus would potentially help with this, but you would need to add it often to your tank . It may be as beneficial to use Root Rot Stop, or Pythoff as an alternative to Oxy plus to keep the root system healthy.

Written by wayne | 27 Jul 2011