Clay Pebbles

Clay Pebbles

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Our high quality German sourced Clay Pebbles are clean, pH neutral, pH stable and are great for use in all kinds of systems from flood & drain through to drippers! They can also be combined with other growing media such as coco, soils or cellmax to improve drainage and structure.

Clay Pebbles can be reused once if you apply Cannazym whilst growing and then clean them with Oxy-Plus after your crop has finished.

If you want to order a pallet quantity then call now or start a live chat and we'll do our best to quote you a great price!

Kit Contains


For a very basic overview of the systems Clay Pebbles will work well in as a growing media, see the table below:

NFT Systems Flood & Drain Bubbler Systems Pots


Not recommended


- Great on its own

- Can mix in coco for IWS System


- Great on its own

- Can add seramis

- Can add Cellmax

- Great on its own

- Can add perlite

- Can add seramis

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