XL BudBox Pro Grow Tent (120cm x 120cm x 200cm)

XL BudBox Pro Grow Tent (120cm x 120cm x 200cm)

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XL BudBox Pro Grow Tent (120cm x 120cm x 200cm)

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XL BudBox Pro White Kit

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Get a light tight, enclosed growing area with an XL BudBox Pro Grow Tent!

It’s 120cm x 120cm x 200cm (L x W x H).

That’s easily enough space for a 4 pot growing system and 1 x 600W light.

Good luck getting yours to buckle. Poles won't bend, the frame won't give. We let a grown man do chin-ups from one and the tent strood up to the challenge. 

The metal frame & corner pieces won’t budge an inch– they’re locked in place with ‘Push & Click’ connections. Forget the Velco - these tents have military grade zips and heavy-duty door clips

Talk about easy access! They’re kitted out with a total of 8 vents and 4 doors. Front doors unzip all the way round! It’s easy to get your lights, ventilation & irrigation equipment in.

You can easily check plants without disturbing them, via the large viewing window.

All of this and 100% lightproof… even the viewing window has a green light filter.

One person can assemble the tent in just a few minutes – it’s a doddle!

120cm x 120cm x 200cm
• Great for 1 x 600W grow lights
• Space for a 4 pot system
White reflective interior
100% lightproof design
Steel poles and corner pieces
• Reflective white interior
Easy assembly - secure ‘push & click’ frame connections
Heavy duty zip – they won’t jam up
Strong door clips – no Velcro – built to last
Flexible layout - frame free central space
• Fast inspection - large viewing window with green light filter
Water catchment tray – protects tent and reflects light!
• Pull strings around socks – make them light tight!
• 2 hanging straps (for lights and filters)
1 x 275mm extraction vents, 2 x 225mm intake vents
2 x 100mm vents for electrics
2 x ground level water system vents
1 x 275mm air-cooled lighting socks
2 x front doors (zip all the way round!)
2 x side access doors - easy access to equipment and plants

Option 1: Get the Tent on Its Own:

• Size: 120cm x 120cm x 200cm (height)

Option 2: Get the Complete Kit:

You don’t have to think – buy your lights, tent & extraction system in one brilliant bundle.

• 1 x XL BudBox Pro White Grow Tent
• 1 x 600 Watt BAY6 Lighting System
• 1 x RVK125A1 Eco Extraction Kit
• 1 x Heavy Duty Timer & Contactor
• 1 x 5m of chain
• 5 x S-Hooks
• 1 x Complete Illustrated GroWell Instructions

The Tech

Each Tent Features:

• Pole thickness: 25mm
• Corners: 25mm tempered rolled steel
• 3 x Hanging rails
• 2 x Ventilation panels (26" x 10")
• 1 x Viewing window (14" x 10")
• 1 x Irrigation bar + 2 x ground level irrigation socks
• 1 x Intake socks: (11")
• 1 x Extraction socks (11")
• 2 x Cable socks (4.5")
• 2 x Air-cooled light socks (9")
• 2 x Front doors
• 2 x Side access doors


Kit Contains


XL BudBox Pro White Grow Tent:

• 120cm x 120cm x 200cm tent

XL BudBox Pro White Grow Tent Kit

• 1 x XL BudBox Pro White Grow Tent
• 1 x 600 Watt BAY6 Lighting System
• 1 x RVK125A1 Eco Extraction Kit
• 1 x Heavy Duty Timer & Contactor
• 1 x 5m of chain
• 5 x S-Hooks
•  1 x Complete Illustrated GroWell Instructions


Q & A

Questions and Answers (6)

Hi, I'm thinking of ordering the XL BUDBOX, but I'm a bit pushed for space. My grow room is just big enough to accommodate the tent, but I wouldn't be able to walk around the side of it. Are the side doors on the same side? Or, are they on the opposite side to each other? (ie, are there three sides of access)
There are access doors on 3 sides of the XL BudBox Pro Grow Tent.

Written by AP | 8 Jun 2016

I'm thinking of buying the basic kit and as this doesn't come with intake take what size wud be preferable 4" or 5"
We would advise using a 4" fan as the intake with the 5" extractor.

Written by CP | 2 Jun 2014

I'm worried about smell! How well do the tents keep the smell in and how would I be best removing or covering the smell?
Your best option would be to use one of our extraction/filtration kits. If you are planning to use a 600W light system in this tent, we would recommend using extraction kit 2. We also supply the Budbox Basic Kit, which is supplied with the tent, lighting system, & extraction kit as a package.

Written by NM | 10 Oct 2012