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  1. KlimaHeat Tubular Grow Room Heater

    from £24.95

    Maintaining your grow room temperature within the optimum range is essential if you don't want plant growth to suffer. The KlimaHeat tubular heater is ideal for indoor grow tents, grow rooms, greenhouses and conservatories thanks to its simple yet effective design and low power consumption. The product does not have thermostatic controls though, so we recommend using a timer to set on and off periods at regular intervals thereby keeping temperatures up. An essential purchase for any grower - young or old, new or experienced! Measures 60cm long. Learn More
  2. Heavy Duty Nutrient Heaters

    from £23.95

    These Heavy Duty Nutrient Heaters avoid the problems associated with normal glass heaters thanks to their extremely durable construction. They are shockproof (can be turned on whilst out of water without breaking), shatterproof (don't crack when dropped etc) and super accurate due to their controllable thermostat. 3 sizes available. Learn More
  3. Oil-Filled Grow Room Radiators

    from £34.95

    Out of stock

    Make a smart move and install one of our Oil-Filled Radiators to help maintain stable grow room temperatures throughout the cold, dark months of autumn and winter. In fact, there’s no guarantee that you won’t need the precious heat output from these units at times during the spring and summer too… so you might as well be prepared!

    An Oil-Filled Radiator will produce the warmth required to keep your growing environment at the recommended 25oC during the day and 19oC over night, offering up an adjustable thermostat and three convenient operational settings to cope with the different demands. There’s even an in-built 24-hour timer on the larger unit and a cut-out function that stops each one from overheating, so you can automate on/off times and not have anything to worry about regarding safety. This all adds up to provide you with a very effective means of protecting plants from the shock caused by freezing conditions and large temperature swings.

    The 800w Oil-Filled Radiator is perfect for grow spaces up to 2m x 2m in size, whilst the 2.5kW Oil-Filled Radiator suits larger areas up to 4m x 4m in size. You can safely use multiple radiators in bigger grow rooms and pleasingly neither of the available models suffer from issues relating to drying out like fan heaters sometimes do.

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  5. Stemz Plant Training Devices

    from £4.95

    Stemz plant training devices are used on soft stem plants in order to direct growth and ensure that as much of the foliage as possible is covered by the available light. Simply guide the advancing branches to create a wide and flat canopy and you can overcome the problem of certain parts of your plants receiving more light than others. Taking the necessary steps to do this will see many additional flowering sites form, ultimately helping you to increase yields! Learn More
  6. Lockable Plant Support Yo-Yo's

    from £4.95

    Lockable Plant Support Yo-Yo's are fantastic for bearing the weight of branches that are packed full of fruit and holding up new shoots of growth as they harden and stabilise. The ability to lock these Yo-Yo's means they won't move at all once set up, staying 100% secure and in place. Highly recommended for greenhouses, open grow rooms and and grow tents. Learn More
  7. Cable Ties

    from £0.99

    Cable ties are often useful in the grow room for keeping wires tidy, fastening irrigation pipework to trays, securing crop support netting in place and attaching ezi-roll light hangers to tent poles – amongst many other things! It’s always worth keeping stock of these effective little accessories because you’ll definitely find yourself needing them every now and again.

    This handy pack of 20 cable ties includes:

    • 10 of 2.4mm x 100mm white cable ties
    • 10 of 4.6mm x 200mm black cable ties
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  8. PTFE Tape

    from £1.25

    Any plumber will tell you that when you're dealing with high pressures and screw connections, using PTFE Tape is absolutely essential to ensure a water tight seal. Simply wrap some PTFE Tape around the male thread of your screw fit component before screwing on the female thread component to avoid any leaks. We especially recommend this when using our 25mm irrigation components due to the high pressures created by 25mm Pumps. Learn More
  9. Bamboo Canes

    from £4.95

    These tough Bamboo Canes will reliably keep your plants growing in an upright position. Clean, easily set up and reusable. Each cane is 120cm in length. Learn More
  10. Circular Trellis

    from £9.95

    This rigid 3-rung support frame is great for keeping plants standing upright in round pots, square pots and Rhizo-Pots. Furthermore, you can even adapt it to suit bubbler systems by drilling a few small holes here and there!

    Featuring a sturdy yet flexible design that comfortably accommodates the ongoing growth and development of plants, the Circular Trellis will work really well in both traditional gardens and indoor set ups. It has been powder coated for protection against moisture damage, and with the right level of care, performs as intended over multiple crops.


    - 76cm tall

    - 35.5cm wide at the top

    - 25.5cm wide at the bottom

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