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  1. from £79.95

    Want taller growing plants with stronger roots and healthier fruits?

    Then give them a clean diet! Use a GrowMax Eco Grow Water Filter.

    Your 2 stage filter will remove almost all water impurities, at a rate of 240 litres per hour.

    You’ll be enhancing nutrient uptake, thanks to a more efficient nutrient feed and a stable pH.

    To boost growth further, soil bacteria and microorganisms will be protected – it’s great for organic growers.

    Your reflectors, carbon filters and bulbs will also perform better for longer (no mineral build ups).

    Your filter’s simple to set up and is ready to use out of the box.

    Buy it now – it’s a simple change but your plants will truly flourish.

    2 stage water filter unit
    Removes 99% of chlorine
    Eliminates 90% of sediment particles above 5 microns
    • Makes nutrient feed more effective and enhances uptake
    • Helps stabilize nutrient feed pH
    Protects friendly soil bacteria - great for organic growers
    • Encourages taller growth & healthier fruits
    Strengthens plant roots
    Protects reflectors, carbon filters & bulbs from mineral deposits
    Ready to use out of the box – easy to set up
    • Connects to pipework or a tap
    • Includes: pressure gauges, flow restrictors and automatic shut off valves

    We recommend
    Use an filter to protect your reflectors, bulbs and carbon filter if you have a humidistat in your grow room.

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  2. from £99.95

    Given that the hydroponic method of growing puts you in complete control of the range and quality of nutrients distributed to your plants, it is highly desirable to have purified water on hand for mixing up new batches of feed. The V2 Pure 50 Reverse Osmosis System basically acts like a giant water filter to remove all existing mineral content, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of the plant-growing equivalent of a ‘blank canvas’. What then follows in terms of the featured nutrients is entirely up to you!

    If you live in a hard water area where a high pH or high cF background reading can be detected, the installation of an RO unit will make a big difference because of the comparatively large concentration of unwanted chemicals and salts (viewed against soft water areas). Although some of these elements may actually seem quite useful for your plants, a lot of them are not and can ultimately lead to deficiencies and/or the build up of toxins – so why risk it? This top product gives you the chance to start with a clean slate!

    Settling for nothing short of pure refinement, the V2 Pure 50 Reverse Osmosis System employs a fantastic three-stage filtration process. Water is guided through a sediment pre-filter to remove particles of up to 5 microns in size, an activated carbon block filter to remove contaminants such as chlorine and colourants, and a Thin Film Composite (TFC) RO membrane to remove heavy metals, hardness-forming minerals and nitrates and phosphates.

    The professional-looking, convenient-sized unit has been put together using premium parts and includes several neat touches that prolong the product lifespan and enhance user friendliness. You’ll find a flow restrictor/manual flush valve manages the level of water able to enter the all-important RO membrane whilst also accommodating regular flushes of it for good maintenance. Then there’s the integral pressure gauge, which clearly and accurately indicates when the RO membrane needs flushing out or replacing – again helping to keep the V2 Pure 50 Reverse Osmosis System in peak condition.

    Designed to produce up to 190 litres of purified water per day, the V2 Pure 50 Reverse Osmosis System is supplied with all the required pipework and fittings to tap into your mains (a self-piercing water connector, drain clamp, 6m of ¼ RO flexible tubing (2m white/2m red/2m blue), a wall-mounting bracket, and a filter housing removal tool) plus instructions from the manufacturer.

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  3. from £4.95

    Stemz plant training devices are used on soft stem plants in order to direct growth and ensure that as much of the foliage as possible is covered by the available light. Simply guide the advancing branches to create a wide and flat canopy and you can overcome the problem of certain parts of your plants receiving more light than others. Taking the necessary steps to do this will see many additional flowering sites form, ultimately helping you to increase yields! Learn More
  4. from £4.95

    Lockable Plant Support Yo-Yo's are fantastic for bearing the weight of branches that are packed full of fruit and holding up new shoots of growth as they harden and stabilise. The ability to lock these Yo-Yo's means they won't move at all once set up, staying 100% secure and in place. Highly recommended for greenhouses, open grow rooms and and grow tents. Learn More
  5. from £0.99

    Cable ties are often useful in the grow room for keeping wires tidy, fastening irrigation pipework to trays, securing crop support netting in place and attaching ezi-roll light hangers to tent poles – amongst many other things! It’s always worth keeping stock of these effective little accessories because you’ll definitely find yourself needing them every now and again.

    This handy pack of 20 cable ties includes:

    • 10 of 2.4mm x 100mm white cable ties
    • 10 of 4.6mm x 200mm black cable ties
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  6. from £1.25

    Any plumber will tell you that when you're dealing with high pressures and screw connections, using PTFE Tape is absolutely essential to ensure a water tight seal. Simply wrap some PTFE Tape around the male thread of your screw fit component before screwing on the female thread component to avoid any leaks. We especially recommend this when using our 25mm irrigation components due to the high pressures created by 25mm Pumps. Learn More
  7. from £4.95

    These tough Bamboo Canes will reliably keep your plants growing in an upright position. Clean, easily set up and reusable. Each cane is 120cm in length. Learn More
  8. from £6.95


    This rigid 3-rung support frame is great for keeping plants standing upright in round pots, square pots and RhizoPots. Furthermore, you can even adapt it to suit bubbler systems by drilling a few small holes here and there!

    Featuring a sturdy yet flexible design that comfortably accommodates the ongoing growth and development of plants, the Circular Trellis will work really well in both traditional gardens and indoor set ups. It has been powder coated for protection against moisture damage, and with the right level of care, performs as intended over multiple crops.


    - 76cm tall

    - 35.5cm wide at the top

    - 25.5cm wide at the bottom

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  9. from £3.50

    Always a handy product to have around your grow room, the Horti-Shield Soft Plant Tie will let you securely attach a stem to a cane or form supports for heavy branches without causing bruises or breakages. The combination of a durable inner core made from galvanized steel wire and a soft outer coating of rubber gives the product a surprising amount of strength and yet still allows for it to bend and flex into the desired position – all the time cushioning and protecting your plant. Supplied in 8 metre lengths, only 3.5mm thick and easy to cut with a pair of scissors, the Horti-Shield Soft Plant Tie works well on any plant and can conveniently be washed and reused repeatedly. Learn More

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