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SKU# G111

Packed full of beneficial vitamins, Cannazym is a clever natural product which breaks down old roots to make way for new healthier replacements. As a result of this process it enables plants to maximise nutrient uptake and experience high levels of growth. Use by simply adding the product to your nutrient tank.

The manufacturer's recommended dilution rates are as follows (per litre of water):

Product Cutting/Seedling Vegetative Stage Flowering Stage
2.5mls 2.5mls

For a more comprehensive guide on the advised application rates of this product, check out our feed chart (see "Related Product Information" underneath the main product image).

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2000 Cannazym - 250mls
0798 Cannazym - 1 Litre
0976 Cannazym - 5 Litre

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Questions and Answers (6)

can cannazym be used in conjunction with your normal bloom nutrient AND pk13/14??
You can use Cannazym alongside your standard bloom nutrient & PK 13/14.

Written by haydn | 17 Jun 2013

Can cannazym be used in soil?
You could use Cannazym in soil, but it is not a certified organic product. If you wish to use a similar product that is organically certified, I would recommend Hygrozyme.

Written by Marcus | 20 Oct 2012

Could you tell me please if you can use H2O2 with Cannazym . I know you can use Hygrozyme with H2O2 but not sure about Cannazym.
We would not recommend using Oxy Plus with Cannazym, as the Oxy Plus will kill all the beneficials in the Cannazym. Hygrozyme is the only enzyme product that is safe to use with Oxy Plus.

Written by CE | 7 Dec 2011

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