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125mm (5 inch) Silencer

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Sometimes silence is important. When this is the case you can't go far wrong with our super silent silencers. These have been carefully tested and meet our approval for use with RVK Extractor Fans. Simply choose the model that matches your size of fan and attach it to the output side with fast clamps (see right - related items). All our silencers are matched for each size of fan and require no reducers to make the necessary connections.

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Please note: our RVK Extractor Fans are very quiet for the volume of air that they move, but in some circumstances people may require even quieter operation.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (4)

How many of these silencers do i need for an Extractor fan?
You would need 1 silencer per fan, you will also need to use acoustic ducting to maximise the effect of the silencer.

Written by RD | 20 Aug 2013

witch side of the fan should i put my silencer
The Silencer is designed to go on the exhaust side of the fan, it is a good idea to use these with acoustic ducting to get the full effect of the silencer.

Written by RC | 16 Jun 2013

Would this silence the sound of the air moving through my air brick or just the noise from the fan?
The silencer will reduce the noise of the fan, & when used with Acoustic Ducting, it will reduce the air noise up to the end of the ducting. It will not reduce the noise of the air coming form the end of your ducting.

Written by Jim | 5 May 2013