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SHOGUN Start & Katana Roots Propagation Bundle

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From £14.95 Regular Price £19.40


Power couples don’t come much bigger than SHOGUN Start and SHOGUN Katana Roots! During propagation, you can get your cuttings and seedlings off to an absolute flyer by enabling these two legendary products to work together! Start supplies the fuel for development, and has been engineered to satisfy the precise requirements of delicate young plants, whilst Katana Roots strengthens the most critical of areas deep down below, driving early root formation, encouraging root branching and improving root health. Combined in kits for your convenience and heavily discounted, now’s the time to discover (or rediscover) the amazing relationship between SHOGUN Start and SHOGUN Katana Roots!



Strike roots sooner & increase your cutting survival rate with SHOGUN Start.

It uses natural hormones (auxins) in plants for root initiation. 

It’s not just a ‘weaker’ solution. It’s a delicate mix of micro & macronutrients that cuttings & seedlings need.

Plants get full strength trace elements, but lower overall strength.

There are no heavy metals or pesticides. And it's made using 'technical grade' ingredients, which are better quality than the 'fertiliser grade' ingredients most ranges use.

Use it for pre-soaking propagation cubes and as a root feed for cuttings and seedlings.

Dose with this and plants will developer a healthy root network that maximises yield.

  • Reduce root sprouting time
  • Increase cutting survival rate
  • Encourage root striking, growth & branching
  • Promotes white, fluffy roots
  • Relieves stress (SmartZen)
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SHOGUN Katana Roots

Fuel root growth, health and branching with SHOGUN’s explosive Katana Roots.

It stimulates both root initiation and root elongation – that’s almost unheard of! You’ll find it reduces stress, too.

Your plants will speed through vegetative growth - when we tried it, we got roots in just 5 days!

It promotes impressive root growth without root staining. It won’t change the pH of your nutrient solution either!

Use it alongside your base nutrient as a nutrient additive, for soaking propagation cubes, for taking cuttings and as a growth-boosting foliar spray!

  • Improves root health
  • Fuels root initiation (via nutrient boron)
  • Stimulates root elongation (biotin)
  • Enhances root branching ( for superior root network)
  • Balances hormonal fluctuations (brimming with B vitamins)
  • Reduces plant stress when cut (for cuttings and seedlings)
  • Great dilution rate: 0.2mL/L (5mL for cube soak & foliar spray)
  • Effective in soil, coco and hydroponic mediums
  • Speeds up propagation times – we got roots in just 5 days!
  • Drives nutrient uptake (thanks to healthy roots)
  • No root staining
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