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Ecothrive Biosys & Neutralise Propagation Bundle

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From £7.95 Regular Price £9.45


You can enable the beneficial microbes found in Ecothrive Biosys to do their best work by first using Ecothrive Neutralise to clear your tap water of chlorine and chloramine – an otherwise destructive set of elements that tends to antagonise the helpful little guys. With this in mind, we’ve paired together these two quality products and created a number of kits, applying a cheeky discount for good measure too!


Ecothrive Biosys

Push plant growth and create a healthy, biologically balanced root zone with Biosys – the instant microbe tea.

It’s not just a mish-mash of microbes. It’s a unique blend of beneficial bacteria, fungi and the biological catalysts that activate and sustain them (humic acids, amino acids, seaweed extracts & more).

It’s just what you need to build plant defences, ward off pathogens (contains Trichoderma!) and boost nutrient & water uptake (bacillus & mycorrhizal fungi).

To really push growth, Biosys can make locked up minerals more available to your plants (like phosphorus). It also uses the bacteria that takes nitrogen from the air and turn it into a form your plants can use!

As well as improving nutrient availability, the clever microbes in Biosys also produce substances that improve plant growth!

Whatever your growing method, use Biosys and you’ll get bigger, healthier plants with robust roots and enhanced natural defences. It’s great for stress recovery too!

It’s easy and quick to mix and use. No brewing’s needed and all catalysts are water-soluble - just add to water and apply – it’s that simple!

For best results, start using it during propagation, then apply every 1 -2 weeks (indoors) or 4 weeks (outdoors). 

  • Easy, instant alternative to aerated compost tea!
  • No brewing needed + simple to mix + ready to apply straight away!
  • Enriches root zone with a diverse mix of micro-organisms
  • Stimulates rooting of cuttings
  • Improves growth, nutrient uptake & water absorption (endo mycorrhizae & related microbes present)
  • Builds plant defences (contains Bacillus species)
  • Wards off pathogens (colonises root zone with Trichoderma!)
  • Helps plants recover from stress – apply twice with a 5-day gap
  • Excellent value - highly concentrated
  • Superb for all growing mediums & growing methods
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Ecothrive Neutralise

Dechlorinate tap water instantly with Ecothrive Neutralise. 

It stops chlorine & chloramine from harming beneficial biology in soil & additives.

The active ingredient is vitamin C. It reduces chlorine compounds to chloride, which is harmless to microbes.  

  • 1 drop per Litre is all you need to protect bacteria, enzymes, proteins & other living microorganisms. If using organic additives & media, it’s a must!
  •  Instantly treats chlorine and chloramine
  • Active ingredient is just vitamin C 
  • Produces chloride as a by-product (harmless plant micronutrient)
  • Protects microorganisms (e.g. bacteria, enzymes, proteins)
  • Allows microbial life to thrive
  • Must have for organic growers
  • 1 drop per Litre or 1ml per 20 Litres
  • Use it before mixing organic additives into your media (like Ecothrive Biosys & Charge). It can be used with soil, coco and hydro systems.
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