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Clonex Gel & Mist Propagation Bundle

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From £11.95 Regular Price £15.45


Greatly increase the chances of successfully rooting cuttings by using this classic combo of Clonex products! Mist is a unique foliar spray that first prepares mother plants for the taking of cuttings and then aids the healthy development of the new plants, while Gel encourages the speedy production of roots and significantly reduces your overall failure rate.


Clonex Rooting Gel

Want explosive root growth? Meet your new best friend – Clonex Rooting Gel.

It’s packed with rooting hormones, vitamins, nutrients & anti-fungal agents.

You’ve got to try it! It’ll help your plants develop roots and protect new roots. To prevent infections & embolisms, it seals cut tissue instantly.

Remember, Clonex is a thick gel… it sticks to plant stems to aid cuttings throughout rooting.

Expect extreme root growth and a remarkable increase in cutting success rate. No wonder amateurs and professionals worldwide swear by it!

  • For use on freshly taken cuttings
  • Speeds up rooting times
  • Significantly increases cutting success rates
  • Contains rooting hormones at 3000 parts per million
  • Wards off stem-rot (anti-fungal agent)
  • Contains nutrient & trace elements to further promote strong root development
  • Maximum results - sticks to plant stems throughout rooting
  • Seals plant stems to prevent infections
  • Safe –won’t splash – it’s a gel!
  • Can be used with any type of rooting-plug
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Clonex Mist

Get monster roots up to 10 days sooner! All you need is Clonex Rooting Mist.

It’s a non-toxic blend of minerals, amino acids and additives. Results are jaw-dropping.

An independent trial found you’ll get up to 156% more roots, up to 30% longer roots, up to 10 days sooner.


Use Clonex Mist to pre-treat mother plants and as a foliar spray for propagating plants.

It’s simple to use – you don’t have to dilute, just spray. It’s as easy as that.

Ready to be amazed? Try Clonex Mist today. You’ll wonder how you grew without it.

  • Foliar additive for propagating plants (before & after propagation)
  • For pre-treating mother plants
  • Shorter rooting times (transplant up to 10 days sooner)
  • Denser root mass (up to 156% more roots!)
  • Longer roots (up to 30% longer)
  • Significantly increases cutting success rates
  • Safe & non-toxic
  • Easy to use - just spray!
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