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Athena Cuts Rooting Gel

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Kickstart root development in a rapid fashion and improve the overall strike rate of your cuttings by using Athena Cuts! It’s a premium quality, water-based rooting gel formulated with essential plant hormones, nutrients and vitamins to promote fast and healthy growth. Upon application the product gets to work establishing a protective coat around the base of your cuttings and quickly seals the stem tissue, whilst at the same time providing a beneficial source of nourishment that can be easily absorbed. Ideal for propagating soft and semi-hard cuttings, Athena Cuts will successfully treat fruit trees, herbaceous plants, vegetables, ornamentals and so on! 

  • Utilises cutting edge rooting technology to kickstart plant development
  • Speeds up rooting times and improves strike rates
  • Stimulates rapid root generation
  • Helps to boost overall health of cuttings
  • Performs at the level of a premium rooting gel
  • Contains an advanced rooting hormone that promotes growth
  • Delivers key nutrients and vitamins in an easily absorbed manner
  • Seals plant stems to prevent infections (including rot)
  • Conveniently suits any type of rooting media
  • Works well for propagating soft and semi-hard cuttings 

Application Instructions

Using Athena Cuts couldn’t be easier! Just navigate through these 5 simple steps:

1. Open your Athena Cuts and squeeze a small amount into a measuring cup.

2. Identify suitable cuttings on a healthy mother plant (see below for more help).

3. Make a smooth diagonal cut through the nodal intersection using a scalpel.

4. Dip the exposed cut into your Athena Cuts for a few seconds.

5. After application, put cuttings into an Aeroponic Propagator or rooting medium.

Depending on the variety of plant, roots should appear within a few days or weeks of application. Move the cuttings into pots/transplanting cubes as soon as roots appear.

Important note: do not dip cuttings directly into the product container, and always discard used gel – never reapply!    

Identifying Suitable Cuttings

Taking cuttings from an attractive mother plant enables you to produce completely new plants with exactly the same genetic traits as the parent – including growth rates, flavours, aromas and yields. We recommend doing the following:

  • Avoid removing more than 50% of your mother plant’s foliage for cuttings
  • Target the lower third of the mother plant, picking out healthy growing tips with 3-4 leaves
  • Target cuttings that are around 7-8cm long
  • Remove all leaves and new shoots from the bottom of a cutting to half way up it
  • Spray mother plants with Nitrozyme to boost the amount of material for cuttings
  • Only take cuttings from new growth on healthy mother plants (in the veg stage)

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