LUMii EnviroGro PRO CFL Lighting System

LUMii EnviroGro PRO CFL Lighting System
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By combining a closed-end design with a parabolic inner reflector, the LUMii EnviroGro PRO Reflector can direct all of the light output from a CFL lamp down towards your plants.

• Compatible with all major brands of CFL lamp
• Hanging supports included
• Robust on/off switch located at the back of the unit
• Multiple vents allow for any heat to escape

Dimensions: 52cm (length) x 32cm (width) x 18cm (height)


125 Watt Blue CFL lamp - 6400 Kelvin

125 Watt Red CFL lamp - 2700 Kelvin


Q & A

Questions and Answers (9)

How long is the main's lead and does it come with uk 3 pin plug
The Sun Mate Grow CFL Reflector is supplied with a 2.4 metre mains lead, & a UK plug.

Written by Jabb22 | 9 May 2014

Can this product hold a 200watt and 300watt duel spectrum cfl bulb
The Sunmate CFL will work with 200W & 300W CFL Lamps.

Written by Jabb22 | 7 May 2014

Would you recommend a T5 or a CFL for propagation? I can't really see anything that gives you a comparison.
You can use either T5 units, or CFLs for propagation, & achieve good results. The CFLs are also suitable for the vegetative phase of your grow, you can successfully get your plants to 60cm high, whereas the T5s are more specific to propagation.

Written by LF | 18 Feb 2014