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Omega T5 Single Tube Grow Light

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Gently does it! Kickstart rooting without overpowering plants – use a single strip Omega T5 Fluorescent Propagation Grow Light.

You’ll get a daylight 6400k T5 lamp, with a blue/white spectrum - perfect for early growth. The mini reflector maximises light further. It’s just what you need to root cuttings & seedlings without the risk of overpowering them.

You can daisy chain up to 8 lights together - using the link connector that's included. 

Each light’s cheap to use and cool to run – remember, they’re only 24W. You can suspend it directly over your propagator or even sit it on top of your propagator lid.

Replacement tubes are available – buy yours now to save on shipping.


  • High rooting success rates
  • Cheap to buy, run & replace tubes
  • Only uses 24W of electricity via a standard UK plug adaptor
  • Cool to run – can be placed directly on your propagator lid
  • Supplied with a power lead and integrated mini-reflector
  • Link up to 8 lights together (30cm ‘daisy chain’ link connector included)
  • Secure connection points at both ends of the light
  • Dimensions 57.5cm x 5cm x 4cm (L x W x H)


For even better results, try a SunMate Grow CFL Lighting System. They come with a Blue Eco Light & SunMate Grow CFL Reflector. Plants grown under them will develop a lot more foliage, better prepping them for your main grow tent.

You can position your reflector on top of your propagator lid or suspend it over your propagator. If linking lights together, you can daisy chain up to 8 of them using the 30m link connector that’s included.

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