Organic Clone & Seed Rooter Kit

Organic Clone & Seed Rooter Kit

Regular Price: £81.45

Special Price £64.95

Regular Price: £81.45

Special Price £64.95

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Save money & get results - root up to 48 x cuttings & seeds organically with an Organic Clone & Seed Rooter Kit.

This kit’s suitable for transplanting to soil (organically) or coco.

Everything in this kit has been hand-picked to: 

  • Increase rooting
  • Improve clone survival rate
  • Ward off root pathogens 
  • Protect delicate leaves 
  • Protect biology in rootzone 

There's nothing for you to work out - everything  you need is included for an unbeatable price

You Get

Root!t Budget Propagator Root!t Budget Propagator

1 x Root!t Budget Propagator

  • Space for up to 72 x Root Riot Cubes
  • 57.5cm x 37cm x 22cm (L x W x H)
  • Simple to use - entry level
Root Riot Organic Starter Cubes Root Riot Organic Starter Cubes

2 x Root Riot Organic Cubes (pack of 24)

  • Organic starter cubes
  • Fully bio-degradable
  • Ideal for transplanting to soil & coco
Ecothrive Neutralise Ecothrive Neutralise

1 x 50ml Ecothrive Neutralise

  • Dechlorinates tap water instantly
  • Protects biology in soil & additives
  • Active ingredient is just Vitamin C!
Biobizz Root Juice Biobizz Root Juice

1 x 250ml Biobizz Root Juice

  • Promotes root growth & health 
  • Stimulates bacterial life in rootzone
  • Prevents root diseases, burning & overfeeding
Biobizz leaf coat Biobizz leaf coat

1 x Biobizz Leaf-Coat - 500ml

  • Coats leaves in a natura latex layer
  • Prevents over-transpiration
  • Cuttings are less likely to wilt
Great White Mycorrhizae Great White Mycorrhizae

1 x 28.3g (1 oz.) Great White Mycorrhizae

  • Fights root pathogens (trichoderma)
  • Increases uptake (mycorrhizae)
  • Speeds up growth
Ecothrive Biosys Ecothrive Biosys

1 x 50g Ecothrive Biosys

  • Encourages early rooting
  • Wards of pathogens (trichoderma)
  • Enhances stress recovery (of being cut)
Clonex rooting gel Clonex rooting gel

1x 50ml Clonex

  • Seals plant cuts instantly
  • Packed with rooting hormones
  • Prevents stem rot (anti-fungal agents)
750ml Spray Gun 750ml Spray Gun

1 x Budget 750ml Spray Gun

  • Reliable sprayer
  • 750ml capacity
  • For foliar feeding cuttings & seedlings
Disposable Scalpel Disposable Scalpel

1 x Disposable Scalpel

  • Takes surgical, clean cuts
  • Sterile -wrapped individually
  • Minimise stress & shorten re-growth time

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