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BAY6 Dual Purpose 130 Propagation Tent Kit

BAY6 Dual Purpose 130 Propagation Tent Kit

from £199.95

BAY6 Dual Purpose 130 Propagation Tent Kit

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Ready to Propagate? Get great results the GroWell way with this brilliant bundle.

You get: 2-in-1 Tent + Light + 2 Propagators + 154 Cubes + Nutrients + Rooting Gel + Additives + Scalpel + All Fixings

There are no hidden costs or extra buys needed. This kit’s everything you need to raise healthy cuttings & seedlings with strong roots - all for super low cost.

✔ Propagate up to 154 plants immediately
✔ Perfect light & tent combo for cuttings & seedlings
✔ Huge roots in record time (rooting hormone included)
✔ Healthy growth (nutrient & additive included!)
✔ Lower the cloning stress
✔ 2 x Propagators included
✔ Easy - everything works together perfectly
✔ Amazing value

Kit Contains:

The kit speaks for itself. For a rock bottom price, you get:

2-in-1 Tent: BAY6 DP Propagation Tent – 75cm x 75cm x 130cm
Light: T5 Propagation Light - 4 Tube
Propagator: 2 x Root-It Propagator
Nutrients: 250ml SHOGUN Start
Additive: 250ml SHOGUN Katana Roots
Rooting Gel50ml Clonex Rooting Gel
 Cubes: 2 x 77 (154 total) x Grodan Large Cutting Seed Cubes
Take Cuttings: Disposable Scalpel
Spray GunBudget 750ml Spray Gun
Fixings: 20 x Cable Ties

You won’t find a kit like it anywhere else – definitely not for this price!

Ideal Propagation Tent & Light Combo
Small plants need a low intensity light & small growing area

BAY6 DP Propagation Tent - 75cm x 75cm x 130cm (it’s just the right size)
T5 Propagation Light: It’s low energy and emits hardly any heat – perfect
Root-It Propagator: Fits perfectly into your tent

Fast Rooting & Early Growth:
Drive rooting and speed through propagation

 SHOGUN Start: Gentle mix to fuel rooting & early growth
 SHOGUN Katana Roots: Explosive root growth with no root staining!
• 50ml Clonex Rooting Gel: Contains rooting hormones (3000 parts per million)

 Reduce the Stress of Cloning
Take the ultimate cuttings and help ease the stress of cloning

Cloning Scalpel: Create surgically precise cuts - scalpels are sterile, individually wrapped & disposable
• 50ml Clonex Rooting Gel: Seals stems of new cuttings

✔ Support up to 154 Propagating Plants
You can propagate up to 154 plants with one of these kits

• Space for 154 plants in your two propagators (fit up to 77 cubes in each one)
• 2 packs of  77 x Grodan Large Cutting Seed Cubes included (1.5 inch x 1.5 inch)

✔ Easy – Everything’s Included
No hidden costs, no need for anything extra - start propagating immediately

• 20 x Cable Ties: Let you easily fix your light in place
750ml Spray Gun: Use it to apply your nutrient or additive as a foliar spray

The Tech

Cuttings and seedlings are very delicate - it's why so many growers struggle with success rates. 

If you go too intense with your light or feed, you'll cripple your plants. 

For a great propagation, you need:

 A low light intensity in a small grow tent

Since they're so delicate, cuttings and seedlings need a low light intensity in a small grow tent.

1 x T5 Propagation Light - 4 Tube in a BAY6 DP Propagation Tent is just what you need. 

Propagating plants won't be able to handle anything more intense than this.

• The right nutrient profile

A lot of growers simply feed young plants with a small dose of standard feed.

Big mistake. Why? 

…It's not just about lowering your nutrient strenght....cuttings & seedlings also need a different nutrient ratio.

Specifically, you need nutrients that encourage rooting & early growth.

That's why your kit includes SHOGUN Katana Roots (Additive), SHOGUN Start (Nutrient - aka Baby Plant Food) & Clonex Rooting Gel (Rooting Hormone)

Used together, these nutrients:

Stimulate rooting 
• Increase cutting & seedling success rate
• Encourage early growth
• Ease the stress of cloning
Boosts resistance to infection and disease
Lower the chances of stem rot
• Aid the transportation of nutrients through roots

Kit Contains


BAY6 Dual Purpose 130 Propagation Tent Kit
1 x BAY6 Dual Purpose 130 Propagation Tent 
1 x 2 Tube T5 Propagation Light
1 x Root!t Budget Propagator 
1 x Grodan Large Cuttings Seed Cubes (x 77)
1 x 50mls Clonex Gel
1 x 250mls SHOGUN Katana Roots
1 x 250mls SHOGUN Start
1 x Budget Spray Gun
1 x Scalpel
1 x Cable Ties (pack of 20)



How to Use

Complete illustrated instructions are supplied with your kit.

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