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BAY6 Dual Purpose 130 Mother Plant Tent Kits

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BAY6 Dual Purpose 130 Mother Plant Tent Kit with 125W BAY6 Blue CFL Grow Light Code: 3888


Keeping a mother plant? Look after her! The healthier the mother, the healthier the clones.

Get yours into great shape – with this Mother Plant Tent Kit it’s easy:

For an unbeatable price, you get:  2-in-1 Tent + Blue CFL Light (+ Reflector) or Omega Spctra G100  + Growing Media + Nutrients + RhizoPot + Timer + Fixings + Tray

You don’t have to work anything out – this trusty kit’s got it all. You know you’re getting the best - everything in this bundle’s been tried, tested and hand-picked by us.


  • Ideal climate for mother plants
  • Incredible investment: healthy mother = healthy clones
  • Superb value (unbeatable price + no ballast needed + cheap to run lights)
  • Protect plant genetics – tried, trusted, reliable brands

Easy to use - automate light on & off times (18hrs on + 6hrs off)

Bigger, healthier root network + more root branching (thanks to RhizoPot)

It's everything you need to get great clones all year round

Blue CFL Light Kit

✔  Ideal Climate for Mother Plants
Lots of blue light, in a compact tent 


  • Compact, BAY6 Dual Purpose Tent (75 x 75 x 130cm)
  • Only blue wavelengths fof light or vegging (Blue CFL light)


  Maximum Growth, No Flowering
Keep your mother plant vegging while other plants flower


  • SHOGUN Terra Grow included (contains EXCLUSIVE additive – the SmartZen Maximiser)
  • 50L Tropic Mix included – (fine grade peat & coco mix)


✔ Strong, Healthy Roots:
Stronger roots = Healthier plants = Better clones


  • RhizoPot included - they naturally air prune roots
  • Your mother won’t become pot bound
  • Bigger, stronger, healthier root network with lots of secondary roots


✔  Excellent Value
You won’t find a kit like it elsewhere


  • Light has a cost-saving, space saving inbuilt ballast
  • Low power lamp – energy saving
  • Timer included
  • Exolux Pro Rope Ratchet Heavy Duty Hangers included


✔  No Fuss, No Mess
It doesn’t have to be hard – make your life easy with this kit


  • Automate light on and off times (timer included)
  • Prevent root problems – (RhizoPots included)
  • No mess – Garland Work Tray included to collect run off

Your mother is arguably your most important plant – all of your genetic stock comes from her.

Do yourself and your plants a favour – look after her! The best way to do this is with her own tent.

Why Does She Needs a Separate Tent?

Once plants start to flower, you won’t be able to take cuttings from them.

So it’s important that your mother plant is kept in vegetative growth.

To ensure your plants stay in vegetative growth, you need to:

Keep them under a blue grow light (with wavelengths between 400nm-460nm)
• Keep your light cycle as 18hrs on + 6hrs off

Doing this mimics the seasonal conditions that plants are normally in when vegging.

Technically speaking, you could keep your mother plant in a tent with other vegging plants, but we wouldn't recommend it.

If kept in the same tent, you’ll get loads of issues with space.

• Your mother plant will be bigger than other vegging plants
• You’ll get the kind of shadowing caused by uneven growth
• The light hanging height won’t be the same for your mother as other vegging plants

You’re much better off giving your mother a tent of her own.

Why Keep a Mother Plant At All?

What you need to remember is that cuttings are genetic clones of their mother.

Seeds, on the other hand, are not. Plants grown from them will all have slightly different characteristics.

• You never know what their genetic make up is
• They all have slightly different characteristics (good and bad)
• It generally takes longer for them to root
• You will likely get some that don’t sprout

• Are genetic clone of their mother plant
• You know exactly what you’re going to get
• You can protect your genetic stock
• If you take cuttings well, all should sprout

It’s fine to start off with seeds – your genetic stock has to come from somewhere. But as a rule of thumb, you’re always better off propagating with cuttings.

Choosing a Mother Plant

Ultimately, the best performing plant is the one that gives you the greatest yield.

If starting from seeds, take several cuttings from each plant before flowering (make sure you label them).

Once you know which plant has given you the best yield, keep one of the cuttings taken from it as a mother plant.

Complete illustrated instructions are supplied with your kit.

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