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Revolution EC Extraction Kits

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Revolution EC Grow Room Extraction Kits

Move masses of air and save money with a powerful Revolution Vector EC Ectraction Kit

It features the stealthy Revolution EC Fan that's so cheap to run you'll make back the cost of the kit within a year.

1 x Rev Vector EC Fan

1 x G.A.S EC Fan Controller

1 x METU Clamp

1 x CarboAir 60 Carbon Filter

1 x 5m of Combi Ducting

1 x Quick Release Duct Clips

50% Cheaper To Run

EC fans are much cheaper to run

How? They use less power at slower speeds, unlike AC fans, which always run at full power. The slower the speed, the bigger the saving.

Crazy Air Flow

The fan's body is a single piece that's completely air tight.

These fans are the first ones with directional air flow, which means the air travels down the ducting efficiently without losing pressure.

No Heat Problems

To stop heat problems, the motor has overheating protection and the body is made from a unique composite material.

Anti-Vibration Clamps

The impeller is balanced twice to stop vibrations and reduce noise. A mounting clamp is included to further prevent vibrations.

Small & Lightweight

They may be powerful, but these fans are wrapped up in a light, comnpact body that's easy to fit.

No Temperature Spikes (RTT Technology)

If there's a sharp temperature spike, your controller builds speed quickly. If there's a slight temperature rise, it builds speed slowly.

This corrects sudden spikes quickly without overdoing it when there's only a slight change.

Running More Than One Fan?

If you only need one fan, this kit is all you need.

If you're running two fans, you can either:

  • Get a smaller intake fan and run it at the same speed (option 2 below)
  • Get the same size intake fan and run it at a slower speed (option 3 below)

Option 1: Single Fan

For one fan, this kit is all you need

Option 2: Two Different Size Fans

You will need to buy:

Option 3: Two Same Size Fans

You will need to buy:

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