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Orchid Myst Repotting Kit

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Orchid Myst Repotting Kit

Get everything you need to repot an orchid in just 15 minutes:

  • 1 x 13cm Clear Orchid Pot filled with Orchid Focus Repotting Mix
  • 1 x Orchid Myst 100 ml
  • Step by step instructions

Instructions are easy to follow and get right.

For best results, repot orchids every 12 - 18 months; bark degrades over time and can hold too much water unless replaced.

Orchid Myst - 100ml

Support heavy & prolonged flowering with Orchid Myst. It’s an all-in-one growth enhancer, leaf conditioner, pest-repellant & plant tonic.

  • Support & prolong flowering
  • All-in-one growth enhancer, leaf conditioner, pest-repellant & plant tonic
  • Organic & mineral nutrients
  • Mimics nature (nutrients via rain runoff)
  • Contains humic acid & fulvic acid
  • Instant results - nutrients absorbed via leaves
  • Easy to use, foliar spray. No mixing or measuring

It’s designed to mimic how most tropical orchids get nutrients in nature (little and often, via rain run off). They need regular feeding, at a high humidity on leaves. Spraying them creates a higher humidity in centrally heated homes.

Each spray supports growth, root vitality & nutrient uptake, thanks to the added humic & fulvic acids.

Orchid Focus Repotting Mix

A 100% peat-free, bark-based growing media for orchids.

  • Selected, graded bark
  • Peat-free
  • Ideal air & moisture content orchids need

Clear Orchid Pot - 13cm

Get light to epiphytic orchid roots with a clear plastic pot. These kind of orchids grow in nature with their roots out of the ground - they benefit from getting light on roots, stimulating natural growing conditions.

  • Get filtered light on roots - mimic nature for epiphytic orchids
  • Plenty of drainage holes - allow orchid to dry between waterings
  • Pots contain many larger holes to improve aeration and drainage
  • Easily check for root problems

Unique ‘air cone’ for root aeration

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