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Metal Halide Lamps

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Metal Halide Grow Lamps

With output firmly in the blue spectrum, Metal Halide Lamps are used almost exclusively for aiding superior vegetative growth. Suited to a two-lamp method, these will produce amazing returns when you have a Sodium Lamp taking care of the flowering stage. It's important to note that Halide Lamps can give off high levels of light and heat and are not required if you've opted for a Sunmaster/Grolux.

Questions & Answers

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  • I am currently run a 600w hps sunmaster, can I put a metal halide bulb straight in of the same wattage? Or do I need a conventer , cheers

    You can use a Metal Halide bulb as long as it matches the wattage of the ballast.

  • what make are these MH lamps?

    Our 250W Metal Halide lamps are made by Venture, the 400, 600, & 1000 Watt lamps are made by Sunmaster.

  • will all screw in 400w light bulbs fit in any hydropnic light system ??

    The 400W Metal Halide will work with any 400W ballast.

  • Can I use a metal halide lamp with your budget hobby light system?

    Our budget hobby light systems will run metal halide lamps, the wattage rating of the bulb needs to match the ballast.