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C-Hellfire Foliar Spray

Kill spider mites, thrips & fungus gnats - grab 100% organic C-Hellfire. It also eliminates fungi, bad bacteria & viruses.

C-Hellfire is designed to be used as a foliar spray – you just need to add water and shake well! It’ll treat any current pest infestations and prevent future outbreaks thanks to a unique encapsulated alcohol in sunflower oil emulsifier.

The product cleans and disinfects leaves, flowers, stems and growing media (coco, soil, pebbles and rockwool).

A single application lasts for three weeks and insects can’t become resistant to the treatment.

  • Kills spider mites, thrips & fungus gnats
  • Eliminates fungi, bad bacteria & viruses
  • 100% organic
  • Non-toxic - harmless to plants, humans & environment
  • Foliar spray
  • 1 treatment lasts 3 weeks

How To Use

  • Fill your C-Hellfire bottle with water.
  • Shake your C-Hellfire bottled well before use for 30 seconds.
  • Fill your foliar spray bottle with C-Hellfire.
  • Spray the entire plant and the top of your growing media. Make sure you cover both the top and bottom of leaves. You can even spray flowers until 2 weeks before harvest.
  • For best results, spray just before you turn lights off.
  • Store at room temperature.

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