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British Organic Bio Sea Silica

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British Organic Bio Sea Silica

Organic growers can finally utilise the benefits of silicon for their precious crops thanks to British Organic Bio! Sea Silica is the only organic soluble silica source, emerging from a unique process that enables seaweed bioactive elements to be co-extracted with silica content. It provides many benefits after being fed to your plants – significantly improving strength, increasing tolerance of external factors such as pests, disease and temperature extremes, and boosting overall health. Additionally, the product can function like an organic pH up when desired to control the pH of a nutrient solution.

  • The only soluble silica source that’s suitable for organic growers
  • Contains seaweed bioactive elements such as alginic acid and sulphinated fucans
  • Thickens cell walls and the bonds between cells to enhance the structure of plants
  • Increases defences against pests and disease (combats rot, mildew, mites & more)
  • Bolsters roots, stems, leaves and branches to prevent wind damage
  • Boosts heat, humidity and stress resistance through more efficient inner workings
  • Allows plants to support a bigger yield by strengthening them up
  • Enhances growth – a bigger, stronger stem is better at transporting key elements
  • Helps to produce lots of healthy leaves, which ups the rate of photosynthesis
  • Encourages plants to uptake more to avoid nutrient deficiencies and toxicity
  • Acts like an organic pH up when required to control the pH of nutrient solutions
  • Dilutes at 1m per Litre – a good concentration!

Why Grow Organically?

The beauty of organics is that the plant works with the soil and the microherd to create a perfect relationship, which encourages the optimum uptake of nutrients. Compared with some other forms of growing and fertilisation, the natural approach allows the plant to express its true genetic potential – so it will take what it wants and grow according to its genetics, rather than being steered to certain traits by selective use of feed and additives. This is particularly appealing for heritage varieties, where you don’t want to alter taste or appearance too much and instead remain true to the properties of the plant.

Why Grow With Sea Silica

Silicon is an exceptional element. It gives you physically stronger plants, increasing their tolerance to pests, disease and harsh environments (hot, cold, humid and wind), whilst also enhancing growth and preventing nutrient deficiencies. This leads to bigger, bushier plants that can support much heavier yields!

By thickening cell walls and the bonds between cells in roots, stems, branches and leaves, Sea Silica enables plants to create a layer of protection against bugs (including spider mites and aphids) and diseases (including powdery mildew, pythium/root rot and botrytis/bud rot). The extra robustness of the structure reduces the likeliness of collapse owing to overly rapid air movement, multiple heavy fruits, accidental collisions, etc. More developed plants are also better equipped to cope with heat, cold and humidity, since they can function more efficiently. The same goes for growth in general – everything is easier to do (e.g. transporting water and nutrients through a stronger stem, carrying out photosynthesis courtesy of healthier canopies, etc) so all the focus and fuel remains fully geared towards producing lots of foliage and then lots of fruits.

Conveniently, Sea Silica can also be applied as an organic ‘pH up’ to control the pH of your nutrient solution. A nice bonus!

What Was The Issue With Organic Silicon

Until now organically grown crops have not been able to access silicon supplements. This was an issue for a number of reasons, with the obvious one concerning pest control. Here silicon is needed for plant defence – it produces strong cell walls that protect against unwanted insects and diseases (plus environmental stresses). Organic growers do not use conventional pesticides, so an infestation might seem more threatening, potentially wiping out weeks and weeks of hard work, when silicon could have increased tolerance and made a difference if available.

Fast forward to the present day and anyone using Sea Silica will overcome such a barrier! The product breaks down into mono-silicic acid when diluted into water, which is easily absorbed through the roots and quickly moved to the critical areas inside a plant that require strengthening.

The seaweed bioactives in Sea Silica, including alginic acid and sulphinated fucans, will further improve plant defence, by acting as elicitors of plant defence receptors. The mannitol from the seaweed assists the plant in absorbing the key micronutrient boron, and also acts as a natural antioxidant.

Nutrient Content

Silicon 5.2% (11% as Silica)

Potassium 4%

Application Guide

Use British Organic Bio Seal Silica from early veg to late flowering at a dose of 1ml per litre of water.

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